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CAEF proudly supports Fighting Back—the LGBTQ+ Jews at the Front line Fighting Antisemitism

Fighting modern antisemitism — a discussion with Jewish LGBTQ+ leaders:

Ben M. Freeman, Eve Barlow & Blake Flayton!

Featuring an introduction,

from Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Idan Roll.

An incredible number of our boldest and most effective fighters against antisemitism are LGBTQ+. By taking on their own political and cultural 'homes', they have been subject to attacks and threats, and yet they have continued their work at great personal cost.

Ben M. Freeman, Eve Barlow and Blake Flayton are among the Jewish world's most prominent educators, writers, and activists. Join us, as they share their expertise in cultural antisemitism, their own experiences, what brought them into their work, and their unique and powerful ideas and tactics, in an online panel moderated by writer David Sachs. In what way have the panelists’ experiences in the LGBTQ+ community helped them as Jewish advocates?

Ben M. Freeman is a Jewish leader, thinker, and educator.

Eve Barlow is a Scottish freelance music journalist based in LA.

Blake Flayton is a recent graduate of George Washington University and the co-founder of New Zionist Congress.

With the proud support of:

Kehillat Beth Israel Temple Israel Centre For Israel and Jewish Affairs Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center United Grassroots Movement StandWithUs Canada Jewish Heritage Centre of Western Canada Hasbara Fellowships Canada HonestReporting Canada UJA Federation of Greater Toronto


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