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Can Canada Stand Hearing the Truth—Can You?

It is clearly Political Islam that seeks its pseudo-utopian Caliphate, that is enabled by the extreme left (i.e. the "Red-Green Alliance") that is not being spoken of but is responsible for increased antisemitism at home and abroad. How did this happen in Canada? How might we speak of it without being called “racists,” “Islamophobes,” “colonialists” and other “bad names?”

Well here goes. The Trudeau government and the Progressives facilitated the entire current mess by signing Canada on to the U.N. Immigration Rights and (I Have to get full title here Jay)… declaration, and surreptitiously bringing over a million of our unscreened cousins to Canada. This was done with the full knowledge most of the immigrants had been raised and socialized in a culture that is extremely hostile to not only Jews but to all infidels. The former Immigration Minister was of the same background, though we aren’t claiming he is an antisemite, but certainly he acted oblivious to the obvious in not wishing to address culture and values. Anyone who had any doubts about the outcome of that appointment just has to hold a pro-Israel rally in the downtown area of any city in the country.

Appealing to the Prime Minister is either an attempt to get some statement that might serve as a wedge between him and our cousins (which it will not; they are used to necessary political two-step maneuvers, and to make a few pronouncements of rage before kissing and making up), or a display of naiveté as to who our Progressive P.M. really what he and his regime are all about.

I think last week's excellent CAEF Webinar provided the necessary material to understand and communicate what is really at stake and in play here.

First, this is NOT an issue going back to 1948, or 1922, or 1894. It is a 1400 year old struggle for world domination. Any means are sanctioned to achieve that end. (See the full Hamas charter)

Second, Hamas and its Muslim Brotherhood affiliates and Iranian regime do not recognize any system of law, national or international, distinct from Shariah. So Balfour, San Remo, League of Nations, United Nations, along with laws in Canada, the U.S., England, France, etc., mean nothing to them, except tools to be corrupted and turned against a host country to be destroyed from within.

Anything originating from beyond Quranic/Sharia souces is Haram (forbidden, or Cheyrem as we call it) and to be destroyed (recall the statues of Buddha blown up about a decade ago.) This includes objects that we do not consider religious, but just "Western" such as hotdogs and tuxedos.

Israel is just an immediate target. They certainly have Canada in their longer range sights and have made far-reaching inroads under Trudeau with the Islamophobia Bill that, by the way, deems even criticism of Islam's POLITICAL goals Islamophobic, and the massive immigration of the faithful consistent with the doctrine/practice of Hijra urged by Mohammed to facilitate expansion of his brand in targeted countries from his day to the present.

The extreme Left are their current allies with the common goal of destroying the West from within. I still see the Left as the greater threat because absent the protective cover provided by the Left, all of this could be spoken of openly and publicized freely. But the Left's shield allows all of this reality to be shielded from public view.

Deception of the masses by the Left is also corroding our public education systems, then our mainstream media, and more recently, social media and the Corporate West. The fruits of this initiative are the mindless "woke sleepwalkers" disguised as university students, academics, experts, influencers, and leaders. This has been percolating under the surface since Lenin's time. So they have had an almost 100 year head start that was almost undone in only 4 years of truth emerging under President Trump. Truth, despite the Left's denial of its existence, is a very powerful and fast working disinfectant. But skirting issues to be inoffensive means that we don't address the real issues, so our efforts miss the mark and do nothing to undermine and destroy their "narrative."

None of the necessary warnings of who they are and their designs on the West as a whole are even alluded to in the mainstream media or by Jewish leadership. Canadian people, broadly speaking are NOT racists or antisemites. Our cousins are. The concerted disinformation program directed at the young, ignorant and unsophisticated is an attempt to change that reality. The fabricated stories of Israel's mistreatment of the mythical "Palestinian People" is simply the latest Blood for Matzah slander and has to be countered as such. No half-hearted apologetics for collateral damage, or knee bending for "Two Lands for Two People."

Rather, 1400 years ago, all Muslims inhabited only parts of today's Saudi Arabia. THEY are the real Colonialists with colonies extending from Indonesia to Algeria. (By the way, Indonesia is a formerly Buddhist country until Muslims were invited in, allowed to build a single Mosque, and then began systematically massacring all of the Buddhist priests in an example of Peace & Love in action.)

Exactly how to spread this reality can be debated. But appealing to the better nature of an evil regime will only invite proper sounding sanctimonious platitudes for appearance sake, but nothing at all to solve the problem.

Antisemitism is not a right wing prerogative. Read about the Left wing antiSemitism which is more pernicious.

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