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Canada must speak about UN bias and deliberate abuse of Israel's right to speak and be heard

CAEF letter to Prime Minister Trudeau

Dear Prime Minister Trudeau,

It has come to our attention that the UN which is abysmally absent in addressing human rights issues, and chronically obsessed with Israel and chooses to torment it with false claims and commissions, primarily via the inhumane UN Human Rights Council, is now also denying Israel the right to speak at the Security Council. This is important because false claims are being heard from the source of extreme antisemitism, antiZionism with genocidal intent, the Palestinian Authority.

Here is the Headline by a Canadian UN journalist, Joseph A. Klein, CFP United Nations Columnist

Israel was barred from presenting incontrovertible video evidence to the Security Council that the Palestinians were solely responsible for instigating the recent violence at and around the Temple Mount

So, keeping the truth off the table, allowing lies and litigious accusations is okay, but defense of truth is banned. How is it that Canada says so little when its democratic ally is constantly pilloried and plummeted with hatred, with serious harassment and consequences that often end badly against the Jewish state and Jews worldwide?

While Canada is not a member of the Security Council, surely we have a voice in the General Assembly, in the press, in committees and in the hallways of the UN and can raise the issue without challenge or remonstration? That any and all support for Israel is not popular, and the majority of votes are anti-Israel from less than democratic countries, and those countries cannot lay claim to the land of Israel but intend to do her harm, should arouse a champion that does represent democracy, truth, peace, fairness, inclusiveness and justice. That should be Canada.

Perhaps Canada could assist in showing the videos that the Israeli Ambassador wished to show the Council, of Arabs terrorizing people on the Temple Mount, rioting and threatening lives, and disrupting Jews from prayer while showing zero respect for the Al Aqsa Mosque? If you don't shine a light on evil, it will fester and grow. This is proven time and time again and now the annual Ramadan rampage In Jerusalem by Islamist youth and henchman from the PA and Hamas, overshadow any meaningful Muslim prayer service and diminish co-existence hopes.

Mr. Prime Minister, when elected you held that your government had a role to play in peace negotiations in the Middle East, so now is the time to demonstrate this, and demand the Islamists stop their attacks. Show the world who is behind the attacks, call out the criminals, support Israel in getting the truth out, shine a light on evil and stand up against antisemitism.


Andria Spindel,

Executive Director

Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation


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