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Canadian Indigenous Envoy Grand Chief, Lynda Prince Issues Statement on Recent Antisemitic Attacks in Canada

CAEF is facilitating the distribution of this release to Canadian Media.

Indigenous Embassy Jerusalem


31 May 2024

Statement by Grand Chief Lynda Prince, envoy Indigenous Embassy Jerusalem, on recent antisemitic attacks in Canada

“We are deeply saddened to hear of another attack on a Jewish synagogue in Canada. We extend our support, love and comfort to the families and staff of Congregation Schara Tzedeck.”

“We were coming to the end of a First Nations Summit, for the Indigenous Embassy Jerusalem, when this news hit. As a survivor of the Indian residential boarding schools, I don’t condone terrorism in any form, against any group of people, most especially the archetypal indigenous people of Israel, the Jewish people. As the original inhabitants of this land, like everyone else that was welcomed into this land, we welcome the Jewish people into our lands and territories and like everyone else in this country they deserve to be protected.”

"We have experienced terrorism and racist hatred ourselves so we stand in solidarity with the Jewish people in my home province of British Columbia.”


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