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Congratulations and a Request to the Premier and the Government of Ontario

June 16, 2022

Hon. Doug Ford, Premier

Government of Ontario

Dear Premier Ford,

On behalf of the Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation, I extend

congratulations to you and your government on the outcome of the recent provincial election. We send best wishes to you for every success, and the health and wisdom needed to ensure a secure future for all in this province.

Mr. Premier, as representatives of one of the most maligned minorities, and now the most targeted for ethno-religious hate crimes, we urge you to take action that will both halt this travesty and protect both Jews and non-Jews from hatred and harassement. No society prospers when some members are threatened, and history shows us again and again that such hatred never ends with the Jews.

CAEF urges that you take action to implement the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance definition of antisemitism. Concrete steps must be taken, in addtion to the security funding that your government has provided. Jew hatred is fueled by lies, and the denigration and demonization of Israel, and this is increasingly evident in our universities, schools, media and other public institutions. Where ever citical race theory takes hold as the prevailing ideology, so does antisemitism. When identity politics leads to policies , it also leads to discrimination against Jews.

We urge that just as your government required the adoption of a freedom of speech policy by universities, so you must have them adopt IHRA and act on it. We look forward to hearing that Ontario will End Jew Hatred.


Andria Spindel

Executive Director



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