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Does the Christian Civilisation Still Care About Christians?

Doğan D. Akman

When I was brought up, I was taught that one has the moral obligation to do one’s best to protect and save one’s own people’s lives and look after their well-being, those with whom one shares the same identity based on religion, race, ethnicity or nationality, or a combination thereof.

That did not relieve one of the responsibility to help any other group in serious distress or in fear for their lives. It simply meant that you saved your people and did your best for the others, in the belief that the latter will also be looked after by their own people.

Although I may be mistaken, I think this also used to be part of the general moral order of civilisations across the globe. Sadly enough this obligation does not seem to have survived the post-modern globalist view of the world, save for the Jews and a few other groups.

Hence, when some people suggested to the former U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama that he give precedence to saving the lives of an overseas Christian group under attack, I recall his reply was, “We are not that kind of a country”.

Now, looking at the manner in which the member countries of the European Union (E.U.) and the E.U. itself are addressing the issue of refugees, it looks like they espouse President Obama’s view in regards to rescuing Christians with whom they share the same religion.

In my opinion, this state of mind must surely reflect the degradation of Christian civilisation and a radical departure from one of the fundamental Christian values, namely charity.

What brings me to raise the subject is the failure of the predominantly Christian countries to save the lives of Christian Nigerians who are the victims of an ongoing pogrom by members of the dominant religion of the country accompanied by the destruction of their houses, schools, churches and cultural institutions.

Sad to say, in some measure this is a result of President Obama’s decision to give American political support to a political regime which has been allowing this butchery and communal destruction to go on and on.

What are the Churches doing about this? Where are the Christian countries in all of this? Where are the champions of globalism and the indiscriminate, mindless intake of refugees, those in Germany, France, Canada, Sweden, and others in response to a major tragedy? What are they doing about it? Is it not preferable to take in refugees that espouse the same fundamental Christian values as the inhabitants of these countries?

In the premises, if there is one thing I am convinced, it is that if these Christian countries, particularly the European ones, do not care to save their Christian kin, they sure are not going to go out of their way to discharge their duty to provide their Jewish citizens with the kind of safety and security that is necessary these days and is owed to them.

The Europeans will hold high level meetings, adopt the IHRA definition of antisemitism; make big announcements, pass resolutions, establish new regimes, formulate plans to fight antisemitism on the one hand, while doing just about everything that will defeat their professed commitment to fight it. The proof is the incontrovertible rapid increase in the rates and gravity of antisemitic behaviour that is evidenced across Europe today.

Hence, according to a recent survey conducted by Eurobarometer of the European Commission, while 40% of Europeans do not think antisemitism is a problem in their respective countries, while 85 % of European Jews consider antisemitism to be the most important social and political problem in their respective countries [which political problems, I suggest have been created by the acts of commission and deliberate omissions of governments of these countries] ; 79% of Jews state they have been victims of antisemitic acts for which they did not file a police report, and 78% consider the responses of the E.U. member countries to the present state of affairs to be inadequate.

As far as protecting and saving the lives of Israeli Jews is concerned, the answer as to whether the E.U. views this as a major concern is self-evident-- the E.U. countries finance the Palestinian Authority’s. “pay for slay” program of terrorism; cover the cost of schooling Palestinian kids in Gaza, who just like their schoolmates in the West Bank, are brainwashed to hate Jews and Israelis, and encouraged to become terrorists .The E.U also finances a multitude of NGOs linked to terrorist groups directly or indirectly. Needless to say, they have yet to do anything about Hamas, a singular threat to Israeli security that is financed by Iran, Europe’s good customer.


Doğan D. Akman is an independent researcher and commentator. He holds a B.Sc. in sociology, an M.A. in sociology/criminology and an LL.B in law. He held academic appointments in sociology, criminology and social policy; served as a Judge of the Provincial Court of Newfoundland and Labrador, and occupied the positions of Crown Counsel in criminal prosecutions and in civil litigation at the Federal Department of Justice. His academic work is published in peer-reviewed professional journals while his opinion pieces and other writings are to be found in various publications and blogs.

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