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End Jew Hatred Report - Issue 1

July 19, 2021

Issue #1

Welcome to the first edition of a special broadsheet specifically designed to bring matters of Jew hatred, antizionism, discrimination and attacks against Jews to the attention of our elected Federal and Provincial Parliamentarians. End Jew Hatred Canada will expose the haters and propose consequences and solutions.


Gaza children, some as young as nine years old, are being sent to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, (UNRWA) “summer camps” . They are trained to shoot guns, fire missiles and stab Israeli Jews. According to David Bedein, Director of the Centre for Near East Policy Research, a promotional video for the summer camp shows that the Al – Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas, last week recruited and registered Palestinian children for the program at the United Nations Relief and works Agency (UNRWA) schools in Gaza.

A recent report on PA schoolbooks found antisemitic content, Palestinian violence and terror against Israelis is presented as part of a “heroic struggle.” The existence of Israel is denied through deleting Israel from maps and naming the whole area “Palestine”. The term “Zionist occupation” dominates in the text books. In one textbook the message was that all Jews are dangerous and deceptive. Many books have Antisemitic descriptions of Jews.

Known terrorists who murdered Israelis are revered and teachers use them as role models for the children. The PA pays salaries to their families. Young Palestinians are indoctrinated to hate Israelis through textbooks, maps and the media and encouraged to perpetuate a culture of violence

The Harper government had cut all funding to UNRWA in 2010 because of its close ties with the Palestinian terror group Hamas.

Schools funded by UNRWA use teachers as well as text books that are antisemitic and brazenly call for the elimination of Israel. They hire known militants, perpetuate Palestinian dependence, demonize Israel. UNRWA funds television and radio which are equally antisemitic and Israel hating.

Recently an internal UN report on UNRWA was leaked. It shows how UNRWA is dominated by nepotism, retaliation against internal critics, racial discrimination and sexual misconduct.

The Swiss, Dutch and Belgian governments have suspended funding to UNRWA. In June, the Trudeau government announced funding of up to $50 million for UNRWA. In December 2020, 70 million. From 2016 to” 2019 Canada has given them 110 million dollars

According to Wikepedia, “UNRWA has been accused of hiring known militants, perpetuating Palestinian dependency , demonizing Israel and funneling money from the Western governments to line the pockets of the PA and purchase arms for terrorists.”

The European Union released a review of UNRWA-produced study materials in the Palestinian Territories and these are their findings:

New UNRWA-labeled study materials originally drafted and produced by UNRWA’s educational staff in Gaza and the West Bank revealed that they contain material which does not comply with UN values. This material is present across nearly all sets, subjects and grades, although some appears more frequently in certain subjects than others. In general, as with the PA school textbooks they are based on, it can be said that materials intended for higher grades (especially grade 6 and onward) contain more problematic material. In addition, while most of the problematic material is also found—and indeed, inherited from the PA curriculum—in a not-insignificant number of instances, it was found that UNRWA-produced problematic content that fit these categories:

Encouragement of violence, jihad, terrorism and martyrdom Rejection of peace Intolerance, disrespect and demonization Libel and conspiracy Conflict-oriented discourse Bias and lack of neutrality Erasure of Israel Erasure of Jews

In the report by IMPACT-se, the Institute for Monitoring Peace and Cultural Tolerance in School Education, the material was found to be characterized by an unambiguous adoption of the Palestinian and the Pan-Arab nationalist narrative, completely abandoning any façade of UN-mandated neutrality; an unapologetic attempt to erase and delegitimize Israel, a UN member state, and to a large extent the Jewish people as well; multiple occurrences of unfounded, incendiary conspiracy theories that stoke hostility; and the encouragement of violent conflict resolution, with no equivalent encouragement of peacemaking.

Not only must Canada detach from UNRWA, but it should be sue UNWRA for child abuse.

End Jew Hatred Canada is a citizens’ movement of Jews and allies combatting the world’s oldest hatred.

Produced by the Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation


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