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With massive misinformation flooding both the mainstream media and social media about Gaza, below are some facts to help educate. No one is talking about how Jews have a strong connection with Gaza:

  • Jews had lived in Gaza for thousands of years, with some interruptions. In 145 BCE, the Maccabeans took control of the area, as part of a military campaign, followed in 100 BC by a Hasmonean Jewish King with the help of Queen Cleopatra III, who went against her own son. This was in retaliation for attacks on the Kingdom of Judah.

  • Gaza then became part of the Kingdom of Judah. During Roman times, for a time, Gaza was used as a slave stage from which to send Jews to North Africa and Italy. After the slavery flow stopped, Romans permitted Jews to continue to live in Gaza

  • By the 4th century AD, Gaza became a Jewish port city.

  • When the Byzantines forbade Jews from living in Jerusalem, for a period of time, Gaza became an important foothold into Israel.

  • In the Middle Ages, Gaza became a wealthy Jewish enclave and regularly hosted visiting rabbis and had extensive communications with the Jews of Egypt.

  • Many Sephardic Jews came back to the Jewish homeland during the Inquisition, through Gaza.

  • British fomented Arab riots across Israel when they took over, and instead of punishing the Arabs, the British forced Jews out of Gaza, but some Jews remained

  • During the1948 War of Independence the members of Kibbutz Kfar Darom withstood repeated assaults by the Egyptian 1st Army Battalion, even when most of the kibbutz buildings were damaged or destroyed. During the first ceasefire of the 1948 War, Egyptian forces regularly sniped at Kfar Darom.

  • After 1948, the Israeli army had entered the strip several times in order to put an end to repeated terrorist attacks on Israel's southern cities, but no attempt has been made to reestablish any of the Jewish settlements.

  • In the 1956 War, Israel recaptured Gaza.

  • In March 1957, after the United States threatened to cancel its foreign aid to Israel and to support Israel's expulsion from the UN, Israel was forced to withdraw its forces.

  • From 1948-1967, Egypt settled in thousands of Egyptians. Some Saudis joined as well.

  • In 1967, Israel won back Gaza and in 1979, in a peace treaty with Israel, Israel gave up the Sinai and also offered Gaza, but Egypt did not want Gaza and so Israel retained it, did not ‘occupy’ it.

  • Starting in 1970, Jews established 21 communities in Gaza, called 'Gush Katif', until they were forcibly removed in 2005. This was known as ‘Disengagement.’

  • Arab terrorism out of Gaza did not begin in 2007 when Hamas was elected (no, they did not ‘take over’) it began in 1987 when Arabs from Gaza launched the first intifada. Hamas just made terrorism into a profitable business.

  • It is not just Hamas in Gaza, but Islamic Jihad, and many others. Plus all their collaborators and supporters.

  • Children in Gaza are taught how to stab Jews, the media is riddled with antisemitism, and all children are taught at the antisemitic UNRWA schools. Women routinely cheer upon hearing of terrorist attacks against Jews, and praise their sons for murdering Jews.

Provided by Laureen Lipsky, CEO & Founder of Taking Back the Narrative, a Zionist education initiative. Visit to learn more.


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