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When it comes to Israel, one thing will always be constant and that is antisemitic lies. Below, are the top lies (thus far) of the post-massacre Gaza war (Operation Iron Swords), followed by actual facts:

Lie #1: Israel shutting off water and electricity is a ‘war crime.’

  • Israel, under international law, is not obligated to provide water to foreign entities. Israel pulled out of Gaza in 2005, just like Egypt does not provide water to Gaza. Gaza gets billions in international aid from the U.S, EU, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and many others. What Hamas did, over the years, was use the water pipes installed to then build missiles with those pipes.

  • Hamas also curtailed the use of fresh water wells in North Gaza and in agricultural areas. Israel provides 6% of the water Gaza uses, and in times of war, (or at any time) Israel is not obligated under any circumstance to provide utilities. Also, Israel needed a bargaining chip to get the hostages back, or attempt to, and so Hamas chose to break the Geneva Convention for Human Rights by holding hostage civilians instead of providing Israeli water back to Gaza.

  • It was only under pressure from Biden did Israel turn on the water (6% of what Gaza gets overall), and has not released a single hostage.

  • Hamas redirects a lot of the water in Gaza into tunnels to provide for terrorists' needs.

  • Similarly, Israel is not obligated to provide electricity to a foreign enemy entity. Hamas had nearly 2 decades to build a power plant, but again, because of how Hamas misuses foreign aid, chose not to.

  • Egypt does not provide water or electricity to Gaza, and Egypt has/had a far harsher blockade on Egypt than Israel did before Hamas slaughtered close to 1400 Jewish lives.

Lie #2: Israel bombed the border crossing.

  • Hamas bombed the Erez crossing into Israel on Oct 7th as part of the infiltration attack, and within two days, bombed part of the Rafah crossing with Egypt to prevent Gazans from getting out, in case Egypt would open the border. Egypt has kept its border sealed shut. Israel only struck where the aid trucks were coming into the Rafah crossing, as Egypt did not get clearance from Israel and attempted to circumvent their hostage-rescuing siege tactic.

Lie #3: Israel 'oppresses' Gaza.

  • Israel has been out of Gaza since 2005 and Hamas is in full control. Both Israel and Egypt had and have a blockade on Gaza due to terrorism. Until the massacres, Israel kept its Erez crossing open year round, allowed 20,000 Gazans to enter Israel daily (could come in the morning, leave at night) to work in southern Israel. Israel also brought in goods of all types (even Mercedes were coming in through the crossing). Meanwhile, Egypt kept its Rafah borders shut all year round, except during Ramadan. No Gazans were allowed to work in Egypt.

  • All last week, Israel was asking Egypt to open its Rafah border for population exit. Egypt refused. Jordan refused. No Arab country is stepping up to let in any refugees from Gaza. Egypt had cleared out its Muslim Brotherhood terrorists nearly a decade ago, and Jordan dealt with extremism during Black September in 1970. Both those countries want to manage terrorism and not let in extremists.

  • Egypt said they would have no way of knowing who is and who is not officially affiliated with Islamic Jihad or Hamas as they do not have the intelligence needed to check.

Lie #4: Israel bombed a hospital in South Gaza

  • False, even Al-Jazeera correctly reported it was a misfired Islamic Jihad missile.

  • 25% of rockets fired from Gaza typically misfire, killing their own population.

  • The IDF also listened in to 2 Hamas operatives saying how the rocket was from their side.

  • Israel never targets hospitals unless they are used for weapons storage, and even then, hospitals would be the very least resort to target. In the case Israel would need to bomb a hospital (most of Gaza is used by Hamas for terrorism activities), Israel would have warned patients inside and would clear out patients.

  • Hamas and Islamic Jihad often launch rockets from civilian areas around Gaza.

Lie #5: Hamas does not represent Gazans

  • Gazans voted in Hamas in January of 2006, beating Fatah (a more moderate terrorist party) by 30 seats. The Fatah members that Hamas were throwing off of roofs, were those who were not vacating their posts.

  • As late as last year (2022), overwhelming majority said they support Hamas - Even before Hamas, the Arabs in Gaza (Jews lived in Gaza for thousands of years and again from 1970 on until 2005), launched the first intifada in 1987 against Jews in the rest of Israel. This was years before Hamas was elected.

There is no Israel without Jews.

No Jews without Israel.

Updated October 19, 2023

Provided by Laureen Lipsky, CEO & Founder of Taking Back the Narrative, a Zionist education initiative. Visit to learn more.


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