From the Arab World: Facts and Opinions about the Palestinians and Hamas

By Doğan Akman

Based on the press coverage in the U.S., E.U. and part of Canadian mass media, of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and the most recent war launched by Hamas, one would think Israel and Israelis are evil incarnate in their treatment of Israeli Arabs and Palestinian Arabs in Judea and Samaria and those in Gaza. With this kind of incitement, the Jewish citizens of these countries have been and continue to be hounded, attacked, humiliated, injured and killed on the street or in their synagogues, while their communal institutions and synagogues are vandalised by pro-Palestinian and other antisemitic mobs.

This press coverage echoes the press and official declarations originating from, to name a few, the Palestinian Authority (P.A.), Hamas in Gaza, Qatar and Pakistan.

By the same token, the mass media generally wilfully ignores the coverage of the same or related subjects by some Arab/Muslim political figures; scholars, political analysts and journalists contradict their narratives of the events. What have these Arabs written about the Palestinians, the P.A., and the recent war triggered by Hamas, and what are some Arab countries doing about providing financial aid to the Palestinian Authority and the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA)? Let’s have a look.

Hamas and the Palestinian Authority (P.A.)

Preamble: Saudi Arabia supported Hamas in the 1990’s and early 2000s.

November 10, 2020, Hussein Aboubakr, The Tremors of Muslim Reform - The powers at the centre of the Muslim world are refusing to tolerate radical Islamism, and a spirit of repair and renewal is at hand. Will it catch on? Mosaic,

May 12,2021-German-Egyptian Intellectual Dr. Hamed Abdel-Samad stated on YouTube Channel: “Hamas Does Not Build Bomb Shelters Because It Needs Dead Children To Keep Its Cause Alive; Fatah And Hamas Have Not Invested In Education, Left The Palestinians With A Choice Of Becoming Beggars or Martyrs”, MEMRI, May 25, 2021,

May 12, 2021-Amid Present Round of Fighting ,With Israel, Saudis Criticize Hamas and P.A.: “Palestinians Are Paying With Their Lives For Hamas’ Loyalty to Iran”, “Palestinian Leadership in West Bank, Gaza, Responsible for Bloodshed”, with Saudi journalists/columnists Muhammad Aal Al-Sheik, Sa’ud Al-Fawzan, Abdullah Bin Bijad Al-Otaibi, Hamoud Abu Talib, Abd Al-Rahman Al Tariri, Amal ‘Abd Al’Aziz Al Hazani, intellectual Turki Al-Hamad; Egyptian columnist Khalid Al-Bar each writing their own opinion against the Palestinians the P.A. and Gaza. MEMRI May 19, 2021,

May 15, 2021-Saudi Analyst General (Ret.) Abdullah Al-Qahtani: Iran Instigated The Escalation; Gaza Leaders Serve Iranian Interests-Not the Palestinian Cause. He went on to state: Iran instigated escalation; Gaza leaders serve Iranian, not Palestinian

May 18 2021: Egyptian-American Political Analyst Magdi Khalil: Hamas uses its People as Human Shields, Is Responsible for the Deaths of Children, Civilians in Gaza; Hamas is a Terrorist Organization, Israel is Exercising Self-Defence. Khalil further stated that “Hamas is serving the regional agendas of Iran and Turkey.” MEMRI

May 19, 2021: Saudi journalist Tariq Al-Homayed, 'The Hamas Adventure Must Be Condemned’ MEMRI,

May 19, 202, Israeli Arab, writer and investigative journalist newscaster, Bassem Eid, Open Letter to my Palestinian Brethren, IPT

May 19, 2021: Tarek Fatah: Palestinians Die as Hostages of Hamas, Toronto Sun,

May 19, 2021: Hussein Aboubakr Mansour, Arab reactions to Gaza- Arab media is still saturated with anti-Semitism and hatred towards Israel; yet for the first time, there are new voices, both official and non-official, taking a strong anti-Hamas position, JNS,

May 20, 2021: Khaled Abu Toameh, Arabs: Hamas Does NOT Care About PalestinianSuffering,

May 21, 2021: Karmel Melamed, Iranian Opposition Activists Defend Israel in the Latest Round of Conflict With Hamas in Gaza, the algemeiner,

It is most unlikely that the foregoing Saudi and Egyptian writers could or would have expressed the foregoing views without the tacit approval of the political authorities in their respective countries.

May 23, 2021: Mosab Hassan Yousef, has stated: Israel should eliminate Hamas leadership. Known as “The Son of Hamas”, he is the son of Hassan Yousef, the co-founder of the Hamas terrorist organization, and “seemed poised to become a leader in his own right when he made the decision to defect, seeking asylum in the United States. It later emerged that he had been secretly collaborating with the [Israel Security Agency] ISA (Shabak) for ten years prior to his defection, after having become disillusioned both with Hamas and with Islam in general. A year after he moved to America, his younger brother followed in his footsteps. It was first-hand exposure to Hamas’ brutal methods toward other Arabs, while in an Israeli prison that supplied Yousef with the impetus to break off with the organization.

He said: ” Hamas leaders like his father made sure to take good care of themselves during this most recent bout of fighting, while ensuring that civilian deaths occurred in sufficient numbers and were filmed by foreign media sources in order to score propaganda points against Israel….The silence of the majority of Gaza is not because they support Hamas, but because they are afraid of Hamas. The people live in fear. Hamas rules over them by the sword. If you oppose Hamas they will shoot you or hang you immediately. You and your family are finished…. Hundreds of children have paid the price;” … Hamas hates Israel more than they love their own children.” In a telephone conversation with the New York Post, Yousef said that Israel needs to “teach [Hamas] a lesson … by assassinating its leadership.” He admitted that this “will not destroy Hamas, but it will … hold them accountable. Next time, before you get civilians on both sides involved in a bloodbath, you need to think 1,000 times. This is my per