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HATE ALERT! This message sent to all Canadian MPs, MPPs, Senators, and Media

Dear Elected Members,

We are writing to alert you to the activities of a Toronto area man, Firas Al Najim, who is a notorious antisemite and Iranian regime supporter. He seeks association with Canadian politicians at all levels of government to further his personal propaganda agenda.

As you will see from the attached dossier, Firas Al Najim:

  • Seeks out opportunities to pose for photographs with Canadian politicians, including Iqra Khalid MP, Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie, and Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens,

  • Has been charged with dangerous driving and uttering threats following an alleged car-ramming incident outside a Thornhill ON mosque

  • Portrays himself on Twitter as an unquestioning follower of the Iranian regime and Ayatollah Khameini Stalks Toronto-area synagogues and posts antisemitic messages with himself posing in front of the synagogue buildings

  • Disguises himself as a religiously observant Jew and harasses Holocaust survivors about Israel government policies.

This last weekend, on the "National Day of Hate" that was announced by the US hate group "Goyim Defence League", Al Najim posted a picture of himself stalking a Toronto synagogue, the Village Shul.

Do not make the mistake of associating with this individual. Last week, several Conservative MPs generated highly embarrassing headlines for themselves after meeting with extremist German politician Christine Anderson. Don't find yourself in the same situation as Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens, issuing damage-control statements denying that he knew what he was doing when he did his photo-op with Al Najim.


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