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How many lies can one NDP member squeeze into a Facebook post?

Dear Mister Singh,

Let's count the lies issued by Alexandre Boulerice, as it is quite incredible that in 2022, your Deputy Leader could get it so wrong and would dare to repeat age old antisemitic lies about Israel and the Jewish people. It is your responsibility to address this asap and to renounce the lies, discipline your member and publicly admonish him, take down the post and try to heal the damage.

I will recount the lies in this translated version of his posting (shown below):

  1. There is NO such country as Palestine! The Temple Mount which holds the Al Aqsa Mosque is in Jerusalem, the capital of the independent, legal Jewish State of Israel, where people of all faiths have equal rights and opportunities.

  2. The photos by and large are either faked, or mislabelled or fail to show what is tragically really going on as Arabs attack Jews, throw incendiary devices and carry out a planned rampage against Israel during what should be a holy month of Ramadan, but is a planned month of terrorism, coordinated by the Palestinian Authority with plenty of support from Hamas.

  3. Israeli forced DID NOT ATTACK Muslims but did respond to attacks perpetrated by Arabs on Jews, and have done much to try to quell the riots, which have become an annual festival of hatred that is well planned and eagerly executed by individuals riled up by their Islamist leaders. Consider this--the Arabs stock piled rocks and incendiary devices within the mosque for weeks in advance. How is this preparation for peace, for a holy event? It is a plan to escalate violence, kill a few Jews, win international sympathy, and dupe people as ill-informed as Mr. Boulerice and other NDP members.

  4. It is utter nonsense to claim that Israel is ridding Jerusalem of other ethnic or religious groups. It is absurd in the extreme; the population of both Muslims and Christians is in fact growing! Israel is the ONLY country in the Middle East in which the Christian community is increasing, where freedom of religion is paramount and practiced openly. There are NO Arab countries with the exception now of Bahrain and the UAE where Jews can practice their faith safely, after all of the North African and Middle Eastern Muslim countries ethnically cleansed themselves of all Jews, over 900,000 of which were refugees--NEVER recognized by the UN and never supported by any human rights agencies, except those within the global Jewish community.

  5. The Liberal government is just in supporting Israel--the ONLY democracy in the region. Israel has been facing antisemitic attacks, wars, terror from inside and outside from Arabs for over 70 years. Canada mistakenly sends money to UNRWA which is now educating yet another generation of Arab kids to kill Jews! Does the NDP not care about innocent civilians, if Jewish, if Israeli? Does the NDP wish to continue to ignore the incitement by Islamist fanatics intent on destroying Israel? There is no planned peace with the current two terrorist regimes dominating the Palestinian Arab communities.

  6. There has NEVER been apartheid in Israel and only a person who is totally sightless and reads nothing, could make such a claim. How does Mr. Boulerice explain the fact that Islamists sit in the Knesset, that Arabs are in the Supreme court, that the largest bank has an Arab CEO as does one of the largest hospitals?

  7. #FreePalestine is generally a genocidal call to eradicate Israel. It is unconscionable. There is no Palestinian country and never has been, and the people who are called Palestinian Arabs will only be free when they rid themselves of the evil Islamist dictators who govern their lives.

Mr. Singh, it is well time that you held an educational session for all your members, for your MPs and staff, to teach the truth, eliminate Jew hatred which this posting reveals. Stop allowing horrendous, antisemitic lies against the Jewish state to define your party!


Andria Spindel,

Executive Director

Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation


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