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Jewish Indigeneity to Israel is Supported by Indigenous People | CAEF Bulletin, June 14, 2024


The vote on the TDSB’s Combating Hate and Racism Report (which does nothing to address antisemitism and includes APR) is moved to June 18th. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Almost 100 members of the community registered to speak and the board has said no;

  • This Report states that decision making is based on “Community Voice” and our community voice is SILENCED!

  • We will continue to pressure the TDSB to change its mind and allow our speakers, regardless;





We need as many people out as possible. Students welcome!

Indigenous Embassy Jerusalem at Walk with Israel, Toronto

Group with Banners of IEJ

Near the front of the 50,000 Canadian Jews and allies who participated in the Walk With Israel 5km on June 9th were representatives of the recently founded Indigenous Embassy Jerusalem, who arrived from New Zealand, Edmonton, Thunder Bay and Sault St Marie.

Coming directly from an international summit of Indigenous Leaders in Seattle, the co-founders, Dr. Sheree Trotter and Hon. Alfred Ngaro, accompanied by their spouses, and Grand Chief Harvey Yesno, and Ms. Kathy Skov made more than a strong impression. They were a statement of the truth about Jewish Indigeneity, about love for the Jewish people, about our shared values, shared historical experiences of dispossession, alienation, isolation and attempts at annihilation of our respective cultures. 

Hundreds of people expressed their appreciation to the delegation for standing tall for Israel, and with pride of purpose declaring the truth.

Collage of Walk with Israel in Toronto

The Walk included many wonderful allies including the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem, Iranians Supporting Israel, Venezuelans and others. This was the largest Walk ever experienced by the Jewish community of Toronto, and may have been the largest walk for any cause in the City’s history.

The police presence was profound; the organization by UJA was spectacular and the celebratory festival at the end of the Walk was warm and heartening. The enemies of Israel, the Jewish people, of liberty, democracy and freedom were only minimally present and their spiteful disgusting messages were no distraction.

Volunteers at the Toronto Zionist Council building assembling 500 hostage signs for UJA Walkathon


“Anti-Palestinian Racism” a Tool Denying Jewish Indigeneity in Israel

Imagine that stating any of the following would label you a racist: Jews are indigenous, a sovereign Israel existed under Kings Saul, David or Solomon, Jews arrived long before the Arabs, there has never been a country called Palestine, Jews were “Palestinians” pre 1948 and have passports to prove it, there was never a distinct Arab community nor ethnicity called “Palestinian” until 1967. These are simple examples of what is being promoted by a campaign led by Palestinian Families of Toronto, Independent Jewish Voices and other anti-Zionists. They would have the Toronto District School Board (for starters) adopt a statement that will only lead to greater antisemitism in a board already fraught with instances of Jew hatred at every level.

This word-smithing of the word “racism,” is the concoction of new grounds for claiming victimhood by Islamist/Leftist anti-Israel activists. Demands to add Anti-Palestinian racism (APR) to the existing policy on Combating Hate and you have just discovered the latest tool  in the kit that anti-Israel bigots are using to shut down truth about Jews and Israel, to deny history, and to avoid dialogue. And unions, boards of education, academic elites and others are falling for it. It is a convenient label for those intent on eradicating Israel, both physically and metaphysically. If one states that Israel is the state of the Jews, you can expect to be called an anti-Palestinian racist. Say, that Jews have lived in Judea, Samaria and all of Israel for over 3000 years, and you are an anti-Palestinian racist.

Here is the “formal” definition and illustrations of what constitutes APR:

“Anti-Palestinian racism is a form of anti-Arab racism that silences, excludes, erases, stereotypes, defames or dehumanizes Palestinians or their narratives. Anti-Palestinian racism takes various forms including:

  • denying the Nakba and justifying violence against Palestinians; 

  • failing to acknowledge Palestinians as an Indigenous people with a collective identity, belonging and rights in relation to occupied and historic Palestine; 

  • erasing the human rights and equal dignity and worth of Palestinians; 

  • excluding or pressuring others to exclude Palestinian perspectives, Palestinians and their allies; 

  • defaming Palestinians and their allies with slander such as being inherently antisemitic, a terrorist threat/sympathizer or opposed to democratic values.”

Leading the fight against this “word crime” and its terrible implications for education and overall society is JEFA, Jewish Educators and Families Association. CAEF urges everyone to join, engage and act to confront this affront to common sense, and attack on Jewish rights and freedoms, right here in Canada. Read the JEFA statement:

“Palestinian identity can and must co-exist alongside Jewish identity in Canada. Jewish identity cannot exist in Canada if it’s deemed a source of racism – Anti-Palestinian Racism (APR). 

School Boards and unions across the country are mobilizing RIGHT NOW to train and implement APR with or without its formal adoption. For the next three weeks, the House of Commons is expected to hear testimony about the pressing need for APR to be adopted nationally.” 

Take Action Now –Please share this link with friends and family members - attendance at this meeting it vital. We need EVERYONE to mobilize for this campaign. Register here

Read article published in the National Post that address the need to engage with the Toronto Board of Education to halt the slide into their adopting actual antisemitic positions.

Read TDSB Trustees defeat the motion to end political indoctrination in the classroom.



CJPAC Attracts Leaders and Builds Lay Leaders


Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee held its annual political engagement event on June 6, a party to facilitate schmoozing, advocacy for Israel and Jewish affairs with Canadian politicians of all stripes and persuasions. This non partisan organization encourages Jews to be politically informed and involved.

Anita Bromberg and Daniel Koren
Anita Bromberg and Daniel Koren


Meeting with MK Sharren Haskel

The Israeli Consulate hosted an informal meeting with Sharren Haskel, MK on June 4th, 2024, in coordination with Exigent Foundation, founded by Larry Maher and Vivian Bercovici. To quote their website, “The focus of the Foundation's work is to foster knowledge regarding the threat posed by extremism to liberal, western democracies.”  See website

MK Haskel detailed the rise of the extreme left, its alignment with radical Islamist extremism and their philosophical/ideological intent to destroy Western civilization as we know it, initially denigrating and destroying Israel and coming westward to Europe and the Americas. This isn’t fear mongering, exaggerating, hyperbolic hysteria. There is plenty of detailed evidence and it was well articulated by MK Haskel, a member of the National Unity Party, who is situated squarely in alignment with  many social causes and has the insights of a combat IDF fighter, former  Border Police and a parliamentarian.

Collage of Meeting with MK Sharren Haskel


Indigenous Embassy Jerusalem, Reception and PowWow

June 10th saw an historic meeting of Jewish and Indigenous leadership at the Israel Consulate, hosted by Consul General Idit Shamir. The evening featured the co-founders of the Indigenous Embassy Jerusalem, Dr. Sheree Trotter and Hon. Alfred Ngaro, both Maori from New Zealand, presenting a history of Maori support for Israel, culminating in the opening of the embassy in February this year. CAEF featured the entire program in an earlier bulletin. See here.

Others featured guests were Chief Claire Sault and Grand Chief Larry Sault, of the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation and former Grand Chief Harvey Yesno of Nishnawbe Aski Nation, from Northern Ontario.

Collage of PowWow

CAEF’s Executive Director, Andria Spindel, had the unique pleasure and honour of hosting/escorting the delegation of the Indigenous Embassy Jerusalem, that in addition to Dr. Trotter, Mr. Ngaro, and Chief Yesno, included Katherine Skov, EA First Nations of North America, from Garden River, Ontario,  Melodie Greyeyes, National Director, CMJ from Edmonton,  and Mary Faus, Ojibway tribe from Pennsylvania. Accompanying the IEJ reps were Perry Trotter, husband of Sheree, Moka Ngaro, wife of Alfred, Gavin Howell, husband of Melodie, and John Faus, husband of Mary.

Informative meetings were also held with UJA’s President and CEO, Adam Minsky and VP, Noah Shack and with Founder and with Allied Voices for Israel’s ED, Daniel Koren and Lea Bloom, Director of Operations. All of these meetings were historic, invigorating and productive—Jewish Indigenous Relations are high on our collective agendas. Watch for more news as we develop personal and organizational relationships around our “common cause”—Israel!

Meeting with AVI

L-R: Charles Cooke, Gavin Howell. Kathy Slov, Daniel Koren, Dr. Sheree Trotter, Alfred Ngaro, Anita Bromberg, Melodie Greyeyes, Chief Harvey Yesno, Lea Bloom, Mona Ngaro, Andria Spindel
L-R: Charles Cooke, Gavin Howell. Kathy Slov, Daniel Koren, Dr. Sheree Trotter, Alfred Ngaro, Anita Bromberg, Melodie Greyeyes, Chief Harvey Yesno, Lea Bloom, Mona Ngaro, Andria Spindel

The IDF Perform a Miraculous Rescue-4 Hostages Returned

See stories of heroism in rescuing hostages. Sadly, several members of the IDF were killed in the mission and several were wounded. Israel is paying a very high price for being a moral army and for the Jewish commitment to save lives.

And what became of the Philistines?

Those who promote a falsehood that the Palestinian Arabs are descendants from the Philistines need a history lesson.

Read excerpt from We Walk Together below      

“The Philistines were a small seafaring people, descended from the ancient Mycenaean culture which was the predecessor of the Hellenic culture. They most likely arrived in a few waves of immigration to the land’s shore in the 12th century BC.

The source of the name “Philistines”, so many scholars believe, is from the word root P.L.S, the same root as Polesh, in Hebrew, invader. i.e., this was a sort of derogatory name in Hebrew, for those invaders coming in from the west.


DEI is Inherently Antisemitic

Noted legal scholar, Alan Dershowitz addresses the rise in antisemitism fronted by diversity, equity and inclusion departments.  Here is an excerpt from a recent article and an interview with Professor Emeritus  Dershowitz:

“Two major changes in universities have contributed significantly to the dramatic rise of antisemitism on college campuses.

The first is the creation of large bureaucracies whose purpose is to propagandize students in favor of a particular ideology: diversity, equity and inclusion. The second is the formation of special departments and programs designed to promote the ideologies of particular identity groups, such as Blacks, women, gays, Muslims, Native Americans and Jews.”

Watch the interview on Fox News: DEI is the Source of Antisemitism


Recommended Reading

Read about proposed changes to hate crime provisions. Talk of removing ag consent and religion as defence 

Read about the hate on display at McGill U. Why have authorities allowed calls for genocide of the Jews?

Read the Toronto police 2023 hate crime stats. Hate crimes are up 47%  over 2022; 187 so far this year; half are antisemitic. 

Read the police statement that they are not going to go in to U of T and remove the encampment without a court order. 

Read about the flawed report of the investigation into the Toronto Metropolitan University law students’ letter supporting Hamas after October 7th. Once again NO Consequences for Jew hatred!

Read call from the European Jewish Association for an emergency summit to consider the future of Jews in Europe.

Read Arthur Rubinoff in the Toronto Sun on failure of U of T to deal with the encampment.

Read Social Work article by David R Hodge and Stephanie Clintonia Boddie, an overview of antisemitism in the US.

Read of Helsinki University’s decision to halt exchanges with Israel. The duplicity is mind boggling, as they commit at this stage to rebuilding in Gaza and say nothing about Hamas, terrorism, the complicity of Gazan civilians in the massacre, and the stolen wealth of Hamas leadership living in Qatar.


Recommended Viewing

Watch Premier Ford denounce school shootings, with comments also from PM Trudeau on CityTv, May 20, 2024

Ontario Premier Doug Ford suggested to reporters, without any evidence to date, that immigrants may be behind the shooting at an all-girls Jewish school in Toronto :

Celebrating Jewish and Filipino Heritage Months, presented by United Against Hate Canada.

CAEF’s ED shares a message near the end of the program.


Advocacy and Action

Marvin Rotrand, founder of United Against Hate Canada, has put together a solid recommendation to McGill University’s President and Vice Chancellor, Deep Saini, and we urge your support. Here is the key message:

We call on McGill to boycott, divest and sanction all nations, businesses and institutions that fund Hamas as well as cutting ties with all industries and academic institutions that have links with the Islamic Republic of Iran and its proxies including Hamas, Hezbollah, the Houthis and other terrorist entities.

Please read the letter and Take Action by adding your voice: Tel.: 514-398-4180

CAEF letter to the Indigenous Fashion Arts regarding display of Palestinian flag.

Businesses Against AntisemitismRead the pledge and share with corporate and business leaders, join a collective of activist businesses supporting Israel, pledging not to hire supporters of Hamas and other terrorists.

Read CAEF letter to Hon. Marc Miller, Minister of Immigration regarding his hurtful remarks to Jews and Israel.

Read CAEF letter to Prime Minister Trudeau of Hon. Melanie Joly, Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Read CAEF letter of appreciation to Councillor Michael Colle, City of Toronto.


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