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Larry Shapiro sent letter to Global News Re: their European Bureau Chief's ability to report truth

Dear Global News,

I mean no disrespect to Global News and its hard working news presenters, but your Europe Bureau Chief Crystal Goomansingh appears sadly misinformed about the Israel Palestinian conflict.

Goomansingh stated that, "Nearly seven million" Palestinians "are oppressed living under Israeli military occupation in Palestinian territories, including the West Bank." Apparently she is unaware that the vast majority of “West Bank” Arabs are governed by the Palestinian Authority under an arrangement with Israel called the Oslo Accords.

The PA has given up policing this area which has forced Israel to step in to stop crime and terrorism. The West Bank Arabs are enraged at their own government for not protecting it from crime and terrorism as well as its corruption. To cover up its corruption and inaction, the PA blames Israel for oppressing and occupying its people.

It's rather astonishing that Goomansingh is unaware that of the 7 million Arabs she describes as being oppressed and occupied, 2 million live in Israel as full citizens enjoying the same rights and opportunities as Israel's Jews. There are even Arab political parties represented in Israel's parliament, (can anyone imagine a Jewish party in the Palestinian parliament?) one of which was part of the ruling coalition in the previous government. When polled, over 70% of Jerusalem's Arabs stated that when Palestine is established, they will prefer to remain Israeli citizens.

This information is available for those who care to find it, but apparently there is too much on Goomansingh's plate to do the research, so she just repeats the Palestinian victimhood narrative that ends up by misinforming Canadians and adds twigs to the funeral pyre being prepared for Israel.

Global can do better.

Sincerely yours,

Larry Shapiro, Calgary, Alberta


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