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Last Call for 2022, Make a Difference Today, Support Jewish Pride

Let Us Together Make 2023 a Happy New Year;

Resolve to End Jew Hatred, Combat Antisemitism

The Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation has brought you many informative webinar programs, developed classroom lessons on antisemitism and antiZionism, researched and published findings of antisemitism in Social Work education in Canada, cooperated in creating and administering Rise Up Ottawa, delivered training on monitoring and reporting Jew hatred in social media, partnered with others to develop End Jew Hatred Canada, and widely circulated the CAEF Bulletin bringing forth valuable items of importance to Jews and allies that love Israel and want to build Jewish pride.

Jew hatred is increasing at an alarming rate. This message appeared today at Sheppard Ave and Yeomans Road, Toronto.

Join the movement to End Jew Hatred! Without your support, our efforts will be limited. Help us expand, reach more people, develop more projects and supports for combating antisemitism.

Any gift, large or small is valuable. Every gift makes a difference. Your support shows your love and concern for Israel and the Jewish people. AntiZionism IS Antisemitism. It cannot be disguised; it must be confronted.

Share our webinar recordings, our Bulletins, our program announcements.

Be a Warrior for Israel. Be a Proud Jew.

Don’t miss this last minute opportunity for a 2022 tax receipt, whether in Canada or the US.

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