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LET MY PEOPLE KNOW: The UNRWA GOLIATH - Support "Israel Behind The News" film crews to expose UNRWA

For years, the Bedein Center for Near East Policy Research has been documenting the increased violence, Jew hatred, and anti-Israel education provided by UNRWA via texts and teachers in schools and summer camps for Palestinian Arabs.

Material is all approved by the Palestinian Authority which has supported Hamas in its massacre and ongoing war against Israel. The governments that fund UNRWA are funding antisemitism and the murder of Jewish men, women and children and the PA then offers a lifetime reward. The Canadian government sends taxpayer funds to UNRWA; hence Canadians are complicit in the terrorism and pay for slay program.

Learn More! Watch the videos produced by the Bedin Center! Express Your Outrage to the Canadian Government!

Donate to help the Bedein Center produce more documentaries and ensure distribution to decision makers, to media, to the general public.

Take Steps to Stop Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, Palestinian Liberation Organization, PFLP, Hezbollah, and other radical Islamist Jew haters.

Demand all support for UNRWA be withheld. Demand the end to training terrorists. Demand Canada cease funding UNRWA.


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