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Letter from Doris Epstein published in National Post re Mostly silence from our politicians

November 15, 2023

The surging tide of Antisemitism – Jews are the most targeted religious group for hate crimes – spiked rapidly 132%, fueled by the massive pro Hamas demonstrations erupting across Canada’s major cities since October 7th.

Celebration of the brutal murder of Israelis, calls for the destruction of Israel and the further murder of Jews, incitement of hatred unleashed violence that is making Jews fearful for their safety, for the first time in the history of Canada.

Yet most of our political leaders are silent or tepid in their response. Those few who have vociferously condemned the hate fests do not back it up with action.

Under the Harper government, glorification of terror was a criminal offense, under the anti Terrorism Act, until the Liberals amended it. But the Criminal Code of Canada provides us with the tools to combat this hatred.

Never again is now.

We must emulate France and Germany and shut down the supporters of Hamas, a designated terrorist entity in Canada.

Doris Epstein

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