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Letter from Larry Shapiro to Berkeley Chancellor re Stopping Anti-Jewish Racism

Nov. 10, 2023

Carol T. Christ

Chancellor UC Berkeley

Office of the Chancellor

University of California, Berkeley

200 California Hall # 1500

Berkeley, CA 94720-1500

Dear Chancellor Christ,

Jews are making a fuss about your professor Usama Makdisi who is all for getting rid of Israel for the same reason Iran wants to erase the Jewish state, something to do with Jews I suspect. But is hating Jews and dreaming about demolishing Israel a crime? I don't think so unless the hater physically does something stupid which these days seems likelier and likelier.

So you are presented with a dilemma with only bad choices, keep this Jew hater on staff and let him spread his poison to your students, keep him on staff and warn him that if he spreads hatred for Jews either though his utterances or through his mentorship of Students for Justice in Palestine, aka Hitler's youth aka Hamas wannabees, you will fire his ass.

My guess is that you will do nothing and as usual hide behind the shroud of freedom of speech guaranteed by the American Constitution. No one ever went wrong supporting the Constitution.

In these days, when the raping and beheading of Jewish babies is justified as fitting punishment for the temerity of Jews to have their own country, giving constitutional protection to Nazi speech makes sure the raping and burning of Jews will continue. I urge you to spine up and do something to stop anti-Jewish racism at Berkeley. Just stating that Berkeley opposes racism of all kinds making sure of course to include Islamophobia, won't do it.

Respectfully yours,

Larry Shapiro,

Calgary, Alberta Canada

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