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Letter from Larry Shapiro to President of UBC re antisemitic language of Professor Hicham Safieddine

Nov. 9, 2023

Letters to the Editor The Ubyssey

Dear Editor,

Associate professor of history Hicham Safieddine has claimed that Jews use accusations of antisemitism to silence critics of Israel. This is a spectacular case of projection coming from a culture that has invented the word islamophobia to silence criticism of its religion and actions. Try to discuss misogyny in the Arab world at UBC to see how effective this thought control has become.

Safieddine is right about one thing, Jews are not reticent about describing obsessive Israel haters as antisemites because leveling accusations against the Jewish state that are not leveled against any other country is antisemitic.

Regarding the new catch word "colonialism" used by academics to describe Israel's identity, it should be understood that the Palestinians reject the existence of Israel but rather than come right out and say Israel must be destroyed, they utilize the more benign attribution of "colonialism".

The sad part is, in today's environment, many enraged at Israel's strength i.e. Palestinian weakness are proud to be called antisemitic.

Larry Shapiro,

Calgary, Alberta

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