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Letter from Larry Shapiro to The Boston Globe re death count in Gaza, and not to believe Hamas

Re: Israel, how many deaths in Gaza are enough? Opinion by H.D.S. Greenway, Boston Globe

December 19, 2023 

Dear Editor,

No death is justified and no death would have occurred if Hamas had not invaded, slaughtered and kidnapped Israelis. But leave it to Hamas supporters to blame Israel for causing deaths of civilians because Hamas fighters had imbedded themselves among civilians daring Israel to attack them knowing that the more deaths, the more the international community would blame Israel. 

This is how Hamas fights and defeats Israel because between the two, only Israel respects life. As for the body counts supplied by Hamas, if previous wars are any indication, the body counts are totally bogus. Hamas fighter deaths are listed as children and women. Fatalities caused by misfired Hamas rockets are blamed on Israel. The totals are grossly inflated. No one knows or can know what the actual death toll is . 

Over two months after October 7, Israel has still not finalized its death totals and its forensic counters are not hiding in tunnels. Let's get the facts straight before blaming Israel.  

Larry Shapiro,

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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