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Letter from Larry Shapiro to Washington Post, re sympathy for Gazan babies but not for Jewish babies

Response to article by Miriam Berger, Evan Hill and Hazem Balousha

December 3, 2023

Dear Editor,

My heart goes out to the tiny Gazan babies who lost their lives in the al-Nasr Children's Hospital. The pain for the parents must be unbearable. It is also sad that the reporters did not fully explain Hamas culpability for the conditions at the hospital. It was not enough to say that Israel claimed that the hospital was being used by Hamas. The hospital was used by Hamas, a fact that Hazem Balousha could have easily established if he was interested in anything other than gaining sympathy for the Palestinians.

It is also sad for the Jewish people that the Washington Post is disinterested in the Jewish babies some who were placed alive in microwave ovens and cooked in front to of their bound parents who could one would think could only shriek in horror, or the Jewish babies decapitated by Hamas barbarians.

The Washington Post has not published a single story about Israeli volunteers who collected the body parts of the Oct. 7, 2023 victims.

Why is sympathy for Jews in such short supply at the Washington Post?

Larry Shapiro



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