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Letter from Mita Hoffer to Hon. Mélanie Joly, re Cancel All Funds To UNRWA

Everyone can write their own letter and make the same point: Canada must withdraw funds from UNRWA and all NGOs that support the PA. Hamas steals the funds; the PA rewards terrorists for murder and teaches kids to incite violence against Jews.


November 14, 2023

To the Hon. Mélanie Joly, Minister of Foreign Affairs,

Good morning,

I am writing to you to request that Canada cancel all funds to UNRWA, to the PALESTINIAN AUTHORITY and any NGO that claims to aid Gaza. Funds to Gaza are stolen by Hamas.

Hamas leaders are billionaires living in Qatar.

Gaza has spent billions of dollars, not building its society but planning and executing a massacre. This is misuse of Canadian and other donor funds.

Thank you,

Mita Hoffer

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