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Letter from Richard Sherman to the Jerusalem Post, regarding the BBC anchor’s bigoted lie

Dear Editor,

If BBC anchor Anjana Gadgil and the BBC are so concerned about people "happy to kill children" in the Middle East, they might want to simply report on the Palestinian Arab Death Squads aka the Palestinian Arab Einsatzgruppen aka the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine(PFLP) which on May, 15, 1974 in Ma'alot machined gunned to death the following Jewish children:

  • Unborn child of Fortuna Cohen

  • Moshe Eliahu Cohen(4)

  • Ilana Turgeman(15)

  • Zvia Mor-Yoseph(15)

  • Rachel Aputa(16)

  • Yocheved Mazoz(15)

  • Sarah Ben-Shimlon(15)

  • Yona Sabah(15)

  • Yafa Cohen(17)

  • Shoshana Cohen(17)

  • Michael Sitrok(16)

  • Malka Amrosy(15)

  • Aviva Shada(15)

  • Yocheved Deri(age unknown)

  • Yakov Levi(17)

  • Yakov Kabla(17)

  • Rina Cohen(15)

  • Sarah Madar(15)

  • Tamar Dahan(16)

  • Sarah Sofer(15)

  • Lilly Morad(16)

  • David Madar(17)

  • Yehudit Madar(16)

("Outrage Over BBC Anchor's False Accusation of Israeli Forces in Interview With Bennett")

It is not hard to find child killers in the Middle East if you are seriously looking.

Richard Sherman


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