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Letter from Richard Sherman to the Sentinel, re: War Crimes committed by Hamas using human shields

November 11, 2023

Dear Letters to the Editor,:

Hamas has built expansive fortified electrified tunnels of death under hospitals in Gaza using the people in hospitals as human shields -- a war crime.("Thousands Flee Hospitals in Gaza").

Eugene Kontorovich, Professor at the George Mason School of Law, recently wrote:

"Hamas has violated international law by hiding among civilians. But international law doesn't reward the use of human shields. Instead, it makes clear that 'the presence of civilians within or near military objectives does not render such objectives immune from attack'. Israel's critics want it to fight in a way that would have made it impossible for democracies to wage war in every conflict from World War II to the U.S.-led campaign against ISIS, which killed about 10,000 civilians by some estimates." ("The Siege of Hamas is Not a War Crime", Wall Street Journal, 10/16/23). Richard Sherman

Margate, Florida

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