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Letter from Ruth Abrams to Prime Minister Trudeau re The Pro-Terror Rallies That Continue

October 30, 2023



Subject: The Pro-Terror Rallies That Continue

Dear Mr. Trudeau,

Re: The Pro-Terror Rallies That Continue

Is this the Canada we can look forward to? The benign tolerance of Hamas, Iran’s proxy, a terrorist organization, demonstrably more evil than the Nazis or Isis.

Pro Terror, pro Hamas rallies are being conducted through the streets of Canadian cities with placards advocating the obliteration of a country ie., “Palestine will be free from sea to sea”, proudly chanting hate, celebrating the Oct. 7 holocaust that started a war, displaying the Hamas flag. These are not vigils promoting understanding –– just vicious propaganda that is totally alright with the Hamas that holds Gaza hostage, and uses its people as human shields.

These demonstrators for Hamas are being given a benign free pass. Intimidating, stopping traffic, blocking buses. Many are ignorant dupes, but not all. Exactly who are they? And what kind of threat do they pose? Why are they being tolerated, or worse, admired on university campuses, supported by professors––allowed to threaten the safety of Jewish students and humiliate them? What are they bringing to the Canadian scene? For sure, not any civilized discourse about the facts.

This clearly echoes l933 in Berlin, where there were also chanting hate-mongers, and University officials who admired Hitler. Yes, highly educated doctors like Dr. Joseph Mengele, whose later speciality was pinning the pretty eyeballs of Jewish babies to his bulletin board.

Is this what we can look forward to in the near future? Areas of Toronto and other cities, where police are too timid to enter or control? Constant rallies disrupting life and threatening Jewish-owned businesses? Citizens feeling too scared to go about our business or express our honest opinions?

Hamas is an existential threat to democracy in Canada. And the people who are extolling Hamas are an existential threat too. Don’t think 1933 can’t repeat itself here.


Ruth Abrams,

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