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Letter from Ruth Abrams, Toronto to CBC Ombudsman and News Chief

May 15, 2024

Dear Sirs,

On May 7 and 10, Amanda Pfeffer on CBC Ontario Today used 2 hours, ostensibly to discuss student encampments on universities, featuring only the demonstrators themselves! Her claim to objectivity and expertise, is the fact she has a Jewish father. And one of the demonstrators chosen to speak, who is ecstatic associating with Hamas supporters, claims she is Jewish.

By that reasoning, since there were Jewish collaborators in the Nazi concentration camps and in Nazi Germany, that made them authorities on Nazism. 

There is a surge of intimidation, humiliation and outright violence being conducted by encampment demonstrators who are not peaceful, who chant their devotion to Hamas, and declare death threats using physical violence against elderly Jewish professors, Jewish students and anyone brave enough to offer dissenting opinions. If this isn’t Jew-hate why are they physically assaulting Jews or those brave enough to defend Jews?

Pfeffer’s  kind of one-sided programming conducted by latently prejudiced and ill-informed individuals has created a huge stain on the CBC, and is an insult to Canadian Jews who are encountering Jew-hate more vicious than what started in 1933 Berlin. 

To be fair, instead of a constant one-sided perspective,  the CBC, a publicly funded broadcaster, should  provide an investigative  2 hour program by a qualified presenter featuring the professors and Jewish students being harmed. Otherwise,  the CBC is normalizing support for those who have no problem with terrorism as exemplified by Hamas and its supporters.

Respectfully asking you to attend to this volatile problem as soon as possible,

Ruth Abrams, Toronto

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