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Letter from Ruth Abrams, Toronto to CBC Ombudsman and Senior Manager of Journalistic Standards, June 28, 2024 re failure of CBC to offer balanced news, and presence of anti-Israel bias

Dear Mr. Nagler,

Dear Ms. Waugh,

Day after day, CBC provides programming accepting  Hamas propaganda, accusations,  and lies with not even a pretence of fact-checking,  or offering equal  time for rebuttal. This on the pretense of inviting complete expression of opinion, except of course, where Jews or Israelis  are involved.

Some examples:  June 24 segment of The World This Hour: BASELESS ACCUSATIONS WERE MADE  OF IDF KIDNAPPING OF GAZAN CHILDREN &  OF CHILDREN BURIED IN MASS GRAVES (Proven investigations reveal Gazans themselves created these mass graves, and accusations of kidnappings are ridiculous.)

June 22 CBC News:  Margaret Evans  gave a distorted and downright un-factual report about food aid into Gaza, which segment might as well have been produced by Hamas.

June 23, Sunday Magazine had as guest, a chef supposedly discussing Palestinian food culture, descending into an anti-Israel diatribe with of course, no mention of Hamas.

Hamas has been designated a terrorist organization by Canada, it is funded to the tune of 1 billion dollars or more a year by Iran, Qatar, Russia and China,  but it has been allowed to infiltrate Canadian universities and school boards, financing the occupation tents on campus, even  payments to demonstrators, and providing  actual violent Hamas agitators who commit hate crimes–– the bombing of synagogues and inciting physical assault on Jewish children.

However the CBC shows a monumental disinterest in providing any  background programming about Hamas, its genocidal Charter,  or any investigative reporting on Hamas as part of the Iran octopus of proxies, ie.,  the Houthis and Hizbollah.

I dream of the CBC finally producing balanced journalism.  One-sided diatribes should at the very least be confronted with equal-time rebuttal on a public broadcaster funded by tax dollars. 

As I have previously expressed–––any  decent human being has to be deeply distressed about the tragic fallout of this horrific Israel/Hamas war initiated by Hamas.  But  failing to blame Hamas for using its own  people as human shields, indeed,  as a blueprint scenario for fighting a war, does not help the victims of Hamas.


Ruth Abrams, Toronto


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