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Letter: King’s University College should not host controversial speaker

Letter to professor Dr. Notwell Dr. Mark Yenson, Associate Academic Dean,at King's College, University of Western Ontario regarding their invitation to known antiZionist.

Dear Dr. Notwell and Dr. Yenson;

The Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation is concerned about your sponsoring a talk with Yves Engler, an outstanding critic of the only Jewish state in the world, who unjustly accuses Israel of crimes such as apartheid which is not only a fiction, but a lie intended to harm the state and its citizens. Engler has demonstrated that the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance working definition of antisemitism, which he objects to, is essential to protect Jews, because he breaches it on a regular basis, using hyperbolic language that spreads bigotry against Jews. Most people who object to IHRA do so because they prefer to express their antiZionist views and hope to persuade others these are not antisemitic. This fools no one.

The IHRA definition does not limit criticism of Israeli policies nor does it speak against Palestinian Arabs.

Read how Engler describes our organization, one that defends truth, freedom of religion, free speech and inclusion for all Canadians:

The Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation is not racist in speaking of the legal, historical, and moral rights of the Jews to their ancient homeland, and denouncing "narratives" that are not based on facts. Every people has their narratives and every individual their experiences, but that does not negate legal treaties, historical facts, archaeological evidence, and other proofs. Jews come from Judea, Arabs come from Arabia, and the latter invaded Israel in the 7th century and expelled Jews, much like many other invaders over hundreds of years. But the Jews didn't all leave; there was always a Jewish presence in the land, and the only time there was a sovereign country in the land was under Jewish kings.

Engler's article attacks established Jewish organizations, including schools, environmental and social institutions, charities that build social services in Israel, and the very important relationship which Canadian Jews have with their national homeland, expressed as Zionism. His ignorance, intolerance and antipathy to Jewish identity seems blatant; Zionism is a core attribute of Jewish identity as expressed by a large majority of Canadian Jews. Zionism is the belief in the right of the Jew people to self-determination in their ancient homeland. These days there is often need for the IDF to defend Israel against terrorists who would eradicate Israel and commit genocide against the Jewish people. Engler seems to think that Jews don't have the right to defend themselves. Hitler taught that lesson too, but the Jews won't be massacred again.

We call upon you to do the right thing, cancel Engler, or put his antisemtism in context. Let people hear him to know what Jew hatred sounds like and how you intend to combat it. Without expressing the view that you are as appalled as we are by the spewing of lies by Engler, you are contributing to the already rising tide of antisemitism in Canada, making your classrooms less safe for Jewish students, and most importantly presenting falsehoods to your students, a true disservice within an academic institution.

We await your response.


Andria Spindel,

Executive Director

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