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Letter: Richard Sherman counters the lies spread by local Arab Canadian artist in the Toronto Star

Dear Editor and Rana Nazzal Hamadah, 

Rana Nazzal Hamadah alleges the calumny that Israel is a "settler colonial state" (Palestine Film Festival) and thereby ignores the historic fact that Zionism is over 3500 years old and represents the sole foundational narrative of Judaism. Judaism is based solely on the Hebrew Bible aka the Old Testament. That HebrewBible has only ONE foundational narrative: the Jewish people's Return to Zion -- what today is is not complicated. Zionism is Judaism. That is why Jerusalem is mentioned 659 times in the Jewish Bible. That is why for over 2000 years at the conclusion of every Passover Sedar, Jews (Reform, Conservative and Orthodox) stand and loudly pray the ultimate Zionist prayer: "Next Year in Jerusalem!".

Ms Hamadeh can wallow in the antisemitism of Joseph Goebbels and Julius Streicher but she cannot change over 3500 years of documented Jewish history.

Further, Ms. Hamadah has chosen as she promotes her calumny to ignore the opinions of knowledgeable South Africans such as Klaas Mokomole, head coordinator of Africans for Peace and a former BDS activist, who has said: "Israel is not a settler state. The Jewish population is indigenous to Israel and are the descendants of refugees who were cast out centuries ago. It is irreconcilable how one considers the original inhabitants returning to their ancestral homelands participating in a settler colonial project.”

He also stated, “I'm South African. Calling Israel 'Apartheid' puts the BS in BDS", (Jewish News of Northern California, 4/22/22).

Richard Sherman, Florida

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