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Letter sent to Mr. Brodie Fenlon, editor in chief and executive director of daily news, CBC

July 22, 2021

Subject: Is CBC the home of antisemitism in media now?

Mr Fenlon,

It is not amusing that CBC’s The House chose to interview an irreverent unrepentant antisemite about antisemitism in the Green Party. The interviewee, Diminish Lascaris is the poster boy for antisemitism . If there was a contest in Canada for Antisemite of the Year, he’d likely win.

Please explain how your program staff continuously ignore the actual Jew hatred rising in Canada, the high level of this expressed in the Green Party, the incessant lying about Israel by the leftist elements in both the NDP and Green Parties and the vilification of Annamei Paul simply because she wouldn’t play along with the bigots. Is CBC so committed to destroying Israel’s credibility and endangering Jews that you will continue to program anti-Israel rhetoric as news, as human interest stories and as public interest reporting?

The Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation is urging that our publicly funded broadcaster reflect on its bias, clean up its act, identify truth from fiction, report with balance and clarity and cease giving a platform to Jew haters. Its the least you could do to secure our country and demonstrate some adherence to our values.


Andria Spindel

Executive Director

Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation


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