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Letter to CBC Director about latest anti-Israel Reporting

Dear Mr. Fenlon;

Once again CBC is stoking the flames of Jew hatred, lying about the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian Arabs, whitewashing the terrorism committed against Israelis and promoting terrorism over social justice.

Some of your journalists continue to mislead the public, exclude context from stories that deal with the conflict and thus fuel conflict, and antisemitism. It is not balanced, not unbiased and definitely not truthful.

On November 28, a CBC Newsonline article reported on a rally held in Winnipeg, but with an utter lack of critical analysis, claiming that demonstrators merely wanted to draw attention to “protecting Palestinian children’s rights.” Likewise CBC Radio produced a short report about this anti-Israel rally quoting organizers saying that “Palestinian children are being captured and sometimes tortured by Israeli forces oversees.”

Both programs failed to provide facts that matter, and thereby hide the truth and allow, stoke, encourage anti-Israel sentiment. This is how many wars start; Media Lies.

Here is the truth:Palestinians who are arrested by Israel while attempting to murder Israelis may be children, but they are not acting alone. Arab children are groomed to commit terrorist acts and there is plenty of easy to access evidence to that fact. That is child abuse and it is being committed daily by the Palestinian Authority, Hamas and UNRWA. When did CBC last report on the violence and encouragement to kill that is part of the curriculum in Palestinian Arab schools?

When did CBC report on any of the trials held against the terrorists and examine the evidence of terrorism for which the “children” are charged? Do your reporters not have a standard to uphold regarding truth, the promulgation of hatred and antisemitism, and the need for disclosing even who the protesters are? Have you examined the links between some of the anti-Israel/pro-Palestinian groups and listed terrorist organizations such as the PFLP?

You do a huge disservice to the Canadian public and worse, you foster hate and lies, you endanger Canadian Jews who consistently suffer antisemitic accusations about so-called crimes committed thousands of miles away, when firstly, no such crime was committed, and Jew hatred isn’t being challenged by CBC. Here is another inconvenient truth that your reporters never state:there is a military “occupation” carried out by Israel, abiding by international law because Israel is obligated to operate a military court system. The alternative would be for Israel to administer Israeli civil law to the disputed territories, which would effectively amount to de facto annexation. Of course that would be a solution that CBC would categorically object to because it consistently denies, negates or omits Israel’s historic, legal and moral claims in all its reporting.

Mr. Fenlon, it really is time that CBC demonstrated it deserves all the support from all Canadians that it is funded to achieve and that you tackle antisemitism. A first step would be adopting and implementing the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance definition of antisemitism, and educating your staff and contractors to abide by it. You do a great job talking about and commemorating the Holocaust, but it is time you did more to protect living Jews, not just commemorate dead Jews.


Andria Spindel,

Executive Director

Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation

PO Box 77598 Sheppard Plaza PO

Toronto, ON

M3H 6A7


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