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CAEF adds letter to Gamm Theatre  Co, Rhode Island, to cancel show called, Bad Jews

Dear Dr. Marwil,

I am writing out of concern that while your choice of the production “Bad Jews” could be theatrically sound, it is not only offensive to the Jewish community but tone-deaf to the realities of the current environment of spiking hate crimes against Jews.

Today any excuse is used as a justification for attacking Jews verbally, in the media, or physically in the streets.

I appreciate that the play may bring uproarious humor to the stage. What is not addressed is that the public expression of “Bad Jews” will also bring ammunition for Jew-hatred offstage.

We are seeing an uptick in blindness in the arts community to the crisis of Jew-hatred. For the Gamm Theater to add itself to this list is indeed sad. As a recipient of national, state and local grants you must be especially accountable to community safety.

I’m not asking to censor the arts, but your organization has a responsibility to alleviate the harm you are creating. I ask you accept the invitation to meet leaders from RI Coalition for Israel to discuss what can and must be done.

Thank you,

Andria Spindel, Executive Director

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