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Letter to Hon.Pierre Poilievre Re UNRWA Finances the PAY TO SLAY Policy of the Palestinian Authority

CAEF subscriber, Ruth Abrams wrote a compelling letter to the Leader of the Opposition, Hon. Pierre Poilievre, asking that he support Canada's ending financial contributions to UNRWA out of concern they educate for terrorism. His response follows.


Dear Mr. Poilievre,

In all conscience, Canada must stop helping finance the public relations promotion of Jew-hatred, and indeed, the mainstreaming of casual Jew-hatred as normal activities to be ignored. The recent ghoulish spectacle of rabble-rousers handing out sweets and dancing for joy in celebration of the killing of Jews at prayer, is in great part, the result of UNRWA funds being used to train terrorists and actually pay for the slaying of innocent blood. Incredible! Canadian funding is helping inculcate school children to become terrorists, encouraging car ramming and knife attacks, vicious holocaust denial, and more incredible, the glorification of Hitler and his handiwork.

The Palestinian Authority must be brought to account, and the utter abomination of funding PAY TO SLAY, among other atrocities, exposed and stopped.


Ruth Abrams


Response from Hon. Pierre Poilievre

Dear Ms. Abrams:

On behalf of the Hon. Pierre Poilievre, thank you for your correspondence on this critical issue. We have noted your concerns about the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA).

The Liberals continue to fund UNRWA, an organization whose schools have been used as storage facilities for Hamas rockets to be used against Israeli civilians, and whose facilities have served as breeding grounds for anti-Israel and antisemitic sentiments.

A Conservative government would hold back funding for UNRWA unless it is significantly reformed. It cannot under any circumstances provide support to terror organizations or their affiliates. It also cannot create dependencies, which serve as a deterrent to lasting peace and to deter resettlement efforts in other parts of the world. Under Mr. Poilievre’s leadership, Canada will not continue funding UNRWA if these reforms are not enacted.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to write.


Correspondence Unit

Office of the Leader of the Official Opposition

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