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Letter to Interim Mayor McKelvie Re: Stop Jew Hatred on Toronto Streets

Dear Interim Mayor McKelvie,

It is time that the City of Toronto put a stop to the Jew hatred that is annually demonstrated on Toronto streets by the hate mongers who, following the dictates of the Iranian Ayatollah, host Al Quds Day, proclaiming Israel is not legal and Arabs have a right, even a requirement, to eradicate that country, thus displacing or killing its citizens. This is abhorrent, dangerous, anti-democratic, and against Canadian values of diversity and inclusion. Clearly, it is spreading Jew hatred which we already know is growing in magnitude and severity.

While the Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation supports free speech, we do not support hate speech which incites and that is exactly what took place this past April 15th, and it was recorded and is reported here:

Do you have any doubt this is unacceptable glorification of terrorism? Will you take steps to end this diabolical antisemitic hate fest? Will you speak up? Will you request that City officials take steps to ensure this event never again takes place in Toronto?

It is crucial that elected leaders protect all citizens, and there is nothing about Al Quds Day that promotes co-existence, multi-culturalism, peace, and the values of justice and freedom.

Please advise of the actions you are taking to End Jew Hatred.


Andria Spindel,

Executive Director


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