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Letter to Mayor Colau Re: Barcelona's Antisemitic Betrayal

Dear Mayor Colau,

I write on behalf of the Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation to protest the antisemitic decision you made in cutting ties with Tel Aviv on the basis of false, defamatory information.

It would be so simple for you to access truth but instead you are following the Anti-Jewish script of those who want to destroy the only Jewish country in the world, the ancient and forever home of the Jewish people. There has NEVER been apartheid in Israel as evidenced by the facts--Arab Muslims serve in all capacities including in the Knesset and Supreme Court. There are NO laws of discrimination on the books and all citizens are protected by the same civil and human rights.

This is not so under the Palestinian Authority which pays children to commit suicide by murdering Jews, pays a life time salary to imprisoned terrorists--an actual PA law, and forbids Jews from living in PA controlled territory and will attack them if found. The PA is an Islamo-fascist entity and kills its opposition and jails gays. How is it that Barcelona prefers to side with liars, bigots and antisemites rather than to recognize the truth? This is how the German Nazis moved people to hate Jews-lies and more lies.

Gobbels made it clear, if you repeat a lie often enough people will believe it, but how do you explain the choice to be so ignorant as to first accept the lie? You are falling into the same blame game and that is despicable. Israel is your friend. You are betraying your friend and the Truth.


Andria Spindel, Executive Director

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