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Letter to Michigan Daily, from Richard Sherman: The Foundational Antisemitism of Intersectionality

Dear Letter to the Editor:

The anti Israel screed by the anonymous gay woman states that "Our rights lie in intersectionality and solidarity"..("Why I, as a gay woman, believe unconditionally in justice for Palestine").

Ironically antisemitism is at the core of intersectionality....a fact this anonymous gay woman is willfully blind to.

As Professor Alan Dershowitz has written, intersectionality “is a euphemism for anti American, antisemitic and anti Israel bigotry”. (“The Bigotry of Intersectionality“, Alan Dershowitz, 3/29/17).

Similarly, Elana Dushey of the Miryam Institute wrote: “When it comes to Israel, intersectionality becomes a veiled threat and hypothetical discourse to spew antisemitism “. (“BLM, Israel and the Danger of Intersectionality“, Elana Dushey, The Miryam Institute, 6/26/20).

Also Italian-Israeli journalist, author and politician, Fiamma Nirenstein, has written: “The so-called intersectionality purportedly aimed at realizing human rights for all has become the catalyst for the current wave of antisemitism.” (“Jewish Lives Matter“, Fiamma Nirenstein, 2021).

Finally Professor Karin Strogner posits:

"But the question remains how can it happen that intersectionality, a concept that wants inclusive, excludes Jews and the Jewish experience with antisemitism.

"I shall call antisemitism the intersectional ideology par excellence". ("Antisemitism and Intersectional Feminism: Strange Alliances. Confronting Antisemitism in the Modern Media, the Legal and Political World", De Gruyter, 2021)

(Karen Stogner is Professor of Sociology at the University of Passau in Germany. She has taught at Goethe University Frankfurt, Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Georgetown University and the University of Vienna. Her research focuses on Critical Theory, feminist theory, antisemitism, racism, nationalism and sexism.)

Clearly this intersectionality that embraces antisemitism that the anonymous gay woman claims that her rights lie with is ultimately no different than the antisemitism embraced by Stalinism and Nazism.

Richard Sherman


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