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Letter to Mr. Andy Jassy, CEO, Amazon

Dear Mr. Jassy,

A few days ago, this letter was sent addressed to Mr. Bezos, so with apologies, I now send it to your attention as the CEO of Amazon. Please consider this with some urgency.

It is unconscionable that your company, Amazon, a global leader in so many fields including mass marketing, diverse and creative distribution and we understand, diverse and inclusive hiring, is selling and benefiting from hatred of Jews. You are stocking and distributing, “Hebrews to Negroes: Wake Up Black America,” which “includes Holocaust denial and quotes attributed to Adolf Hitler and Henry Ford and claims that Jews worship Satan and controlled the Atlantic slave trade and currently control the media,”

If you have any code of ethics and social responsibility, then how can you continue to contribute to antisemitism, to deny dignity to the Jewish people, and support the distortion of truth, thus incriminating a whole people by repeating the evocative, evil of Adolf Hitler? Just, why won't you take a hate filled film off your inventory, apologize for carrying it, even offer refunds if people will return it, and think about how you can reverse the damage you are inflicting on Jews and even on Allies of the Jewish people? The damage in sharing, repeating, distribution and mainstream such evil is more than a minor disservice to one people; it is a kick in the gut to all people of good conscience worldwide. Wasn't the Holocaust enough??

It is very easy for you to remove an item from your inventory and promotions, and given the large and extensive reach that Amazon has, you must also condemn the film, and persuade people to destroy their copies and learn decency, respect for all, and inclusiveness. Words matter. Images matter. Amazon should be a leader in combating antisemitism not fueling it.


Andria Spindel

Executive Director

Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation

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