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Letter to Nathaniel Erskine-Smith Lib MP

Re: Petition to counter Israel’s decision banning 6 terror supporting NGOs.

Dear Mr. Erskine-Smith,

It has come to the attention of the Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation, via your quote in Parliament (shown below), that you are entertaining a petition against the democratic State of Israel suggesting that its government and security forces are not capable of identifying threats to its existence by terrorists. Somehow you have been led to believe that 1500 Canadians know better than the intelligence units of Israel, an ally of Canada and a country under daily threat from numerous enemies that wish it to disappear, wishing to see entirely eradicate the only Jewish state on the planet. This is unacceptable!

“First, over 1,500 Canadians have signed a petition raising concerns about Israel's designation of six leading Palestinian civil society organizations as terrorist organizations. They note the concerns raised by the UN special rapporteurs condemning the designation, and they call on the Government of Canada to call upon Israeli authorities to immediately rescind the designations and to end all efforts aimed at delegitimizing and criminalizing Palestinian human rights defenders.”

As a Member of Parliament, you have an obligation to be correctly informed and to address discrimination, antisemitism and antiZionism which is cloaked antisemitism that is never well disguised. The Israeli government sent plenty of evidence to the US administration supporting its decision, and may have sent it to Canada too, but if not, ask for it. Do not allow Canada to look so foolish and ill-informed as to judge Israel wrong without evidence.

Israel has for decades suffered internal threats and daily attacks by foreign funded entities, such as from the 6 cited NGOs which are fronts for terrorists while pretending to be human rights organizations. Palestinian Arabs benefit immensely from Israeli governance and surveys show they would rather be part of Israel than under the undemocratic, antisemitic, terror-affiliated governance of the Palestinian Authority which jails and even murders its opposition, denies rights to minorities, persecutes LGBTQ people, and has ethnically cleansed the former ancient communities of all Jews in the areas it now controls.

“Apartheid” is the separation of racial or ethnic groups in all aspects of society and bars a specific group from equality of opportunity and participation. Since in Israel 20% of the population is Arab, mostly Muslim, and they have all the benefits of society, serve in all capacities including in the Knesset (the Parliament), as judges, diplomats and even military officers, we ask that you stand up for Israel and deny a platform to the petitioners who are spreading lies, which is antisemtism, in Canada.

Please consider the following: the Webster Dictionary defines “Apartheid” as:

“a former policy of segregation and political, social, and economic discrimination against the nonwhite majority in the Republic of South Africa.NOTE: The extreme racial segregation of apartheid lasted from 1948 to 1994 and included such restrictions as where people could live or own land, what jobs they could hold, and who could and couldn't participate in government.”

Clearly there is no apartheid in Israel and there has never been. Islamists sit in the Knesset. Arabs and Jews live all over the country, often in mixed neighborhoods, and no people are barred by virtue of race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, ethnicity or faith from any jobs for which they are qualified. That is NOT true in the PA dominated areas nor in Gaza. Jews are barred from even entering these areas, and the charters of these organizations call for the total destruction of Israel, and jail or death for anyone who sells land to a Jew.

Mr. Erksine-Smith, be a champion for justice. Defend the Jewish state and the rights of Jews to live freely and safely in their ancient homeland. Stop Antisemitism in Canada!

I am copying the Speaker of the House, to whom you directed your statement today, and several Jewish members of the government, and my local representative, all of whom I am sure can provide you with more information about the dangers of the ongoing campaign of lies against Israel.


Andria Spindel, Executive Director, CAEF & Co-Chair

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