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Letter to NY Times from Larry Shapiro, Calgary, re moral equivalency of Hamas and IDF.

Re: How to Think Through the Moral Tangle in Gaza, Nicholas Kristof, June 1, 2024, New York Times

June 1, 2023

Dear Editor,

Nicholas Kristof stated that Israel is morally superior to Hamas, but there is a moral equivalence between the Palestinians and Israel.

How does this theory explain that over 80% of all Palestinians, combatants and noncombatants support Hamas, that if given the opportunity to vote, would elect Hamas to lead them?

How does Kristoff's moral equivalence theory explain that the noncombatant Palestinians Authority is paying the families of dead Hamas fighters hero award money?

Kristof's moral confusion is exacerbated by ignoring that the Palestinians have rejected eight land for peace proposals, one from the UN , one from the U.S. and six from Israel because they claim that all of Israel is stolen land. One nation Israel, wants peace, and the other, the Palestinians want to see Israel erased.

What's moral equivalent about that?

Larry Shapiro, Calgary


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