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Letter to the Editor re both an editorial and article in the paper, April 16th, 2022

Re: Over 140 hurt in holy site clashes, and Freedom of Israelis again in peril, April 16, 2022

Dear Editor,

Despite the first article being written by 3 men in Jerusalem, the title and article belie the fact that clashes coincide with Ramadan and Passover BECAUSE that is the plan of the Palestinian Authority and Hamas, two equally terrorist-supporting dictatorships controlled by Islamists. The PA pretends to be moderate, offers a little remorse when prodded by the US government after Jews are wantonly killed by terrorists, and then paid a lifetime salary if jailed for murder or his (or her) family receives the benefits. Whether killed or not killed in the act by Israeli soldiers or police, they are celebrated heroes, and if killed, made into martyrs with streets and schools named after them. Can anyone imagine anything more evil? The Nazis ideology is on display among the radicalized Palestinian Arabs who use exactly the same antisemitic tropes used against Jews since ancient times. Both the PA and Hamas promote denigrating all things Israeli, publish and broadcast lies about Israelis and Jews in general, blame every catastrophe, including natural disasters on Jews, and rally their constituents to harm Jews and suppress truth. Schools under the PA’s control neglect to even show Israel on maps in text books, thus denying its existence and 3000 years of history, while teaching children to become murdering terrorists. Is this not child abuse? Canada is contributing funds to this “education.”

The authors of the first article repeat the very rhetoric that fans the flames of Jew hatred, that is calls for Israel to “calm the situation” which of course Israel tries to do, trying constantly to avert more terror attacks, and more murders of innocent civilians. The Arabs have killed non-Jews as well as Jews in their current thrust to push their annual fallacious claims that Jews threaten the Al Aqsa mosque. The only threat is from the Arabs themselves who have stored rocks and weapons in the mosque, stopped Jews from ascending to the most Holy site for Jews, and then storm the security forces and cause general harm. Where is their respect for this so-called Holy place for Islam?

The entire fiasco is based on lies, just as Putin created a narrative to justify his invasion of Ukraine so Mahmoud Abbas and his Fatah party make up stories to justify attacks on Jews, and these are fed internationally, leading to attacks on Jews around the world with the latest Jew hating campaign to “globalize the intifada”. This is a call for genocide.

Your editorial, while acknowledging the threats and ongoing peril for Israelis, and standing up for Israel against this Islamist terrorism, falls short in not pointing out that any and all hardships experienced by Arabs in Gaza or Judea& Samaria, are the direct result of the corrupt, hate-filled antisemitic regimes that control their lives.


Andria Spindel,

Executive Director

Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation


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