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Letter to the Minister of Foreign Affairs re Canada's funding of UNRWA which teaches terrorism

Letter from a CAEF subscriber, Ruth Abrams


Dear Ms. Joly,

When will you publicly address the level of vile hatred being taught in United Nations Schools curricula and textbooks? Children are being trained to become terrorists, and indoctrinated with Jew hate–– a repeat of the hitlerian propaganda war against the very existence of Jews. How is this different from the brainwashing of “Hitler Youth”?

Shockingly, Canada’s $27,000,000 funding of UNRWA supports this, and the violent incitement in youth clubs situated on UNRWA premises. Canadian taxpayers help fund the PAY FOR SLAY policy of the Palestinian authority which provides lifelong pensions for acts of terrorism. And incredibly, no one criticizes the absurdity of HAMAS, an acknowledged terrorist organization, operating within UNRWA itself.

Since Canada chairs the UN Refugee Working Group why does it not address these issues or try to influence UNRWA policy?

Where is Canada’s voice in addressing these impediments to any hopes of peacemaking?


Ruth Abrams

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