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Media Advisory: Exclusive Video of Antisemitic Incitement Featured at Toronto Al Quds Parade

CAEF Sends Urgent Letter to Mayor Tory

TORONTO – This morning, the Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation (CAEF) released exclusive footage obtained from this week’s Al Quds Parade that features vicious antisemitic hate speech and incitement to genocide against the Jewish people. In response to this incitement against Canada’s Jews, CAEF has written an urgent letter to Mayor John Tory, City of Toronto.

Lowlights of this footage include the following incidents:

  • Al-Quds Day Speakers Repeating the Antisemitic Blood Libel that the State of Israel is ‘attempting to ethnically cleanse Palestinians’

  • Al-Quds Day Speakers Calling for Genocide Through the Phrasing “By Any and All Means Necessary” (13 min mark)

  • Al-Quds Day Speakers Calling for Genocide Through the Phrasing “From the River to the Sea” (20 min mark)

  • Al-Quds Day Speakers Expressing Antisemitism by Denying Jewish Indigeneity to their Ancestral Lands Through the Phrasing “No Peace on Stolen Land” (22 min mark)

  • Al-Quds Day Speakers Calling for War and Modern-Day Pogrom Through the Phrasing “Long Live the Intifada” (23 min mark)

  • Al-Quds Day Rally Attendees Heard to Chant “Zionism no! Judaism no!” (24:12-22)

“We have seen what incitement can do”, stated Anita Bromberg, President of CAEF. “Just two days ago 3 fathers in Israel were slaughtered and more are fighting for their lives as a result of incitement to hate. The threat is real, and we do not want this on our streets.”



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