Melanie Phillips at Holy Blossom on February 18th

On February 10th, Iran committed an act of war against Israel by sending a military drone into Israeli airspace.  The world was silent, except for the parts of the Western media that labelled Israel the aggressor.

One would expect that when a country (Iran) threatens another (Israel) with nuclear destruction and then violates its airspace, that that would spark international condemnation.  Yet, when the Jewish state is involved, it works differently.  Somehow the Western world is unwilling to come to terms with the idea that the Jewish state has a right to self-defence.

Melanie Phillips made an important point in a recent article when she wrote:

“There will be a far greater chance of averting all-out war, if Britain and Europe finally come to their senses and start holding Iran’s feet to the fire rather than seeking to sanitise, excuse and reward it at every opportunity.”

Join us this Sunday, February 18th at Holy Blossom Temple when Melanie Phillips will address the current issues facing Israel and the rest of the Western world.

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