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No Excuses, Follow Instructions, Take Action! | January 21, 2022


This ‘Inquiry Commission’ set up by the United Nations, is a travesty and another black mark against the UN. Under the leadership of Navi Pillay, the UN Human Rights Council, which is not known for protecting human rights anywhere on the planet, is setting up an inquisition to destroy Israel and the Jewish people. It can only be stopped by people of good moral conscience, Jews and non-Jews, who see the evil being enacted by this organization and take action.


This document provides, WRITING POINTS and A SAMPLE SUBMISSION LETTER (which shows how to set up your submission). Your submission will help protest the new Inquiry Commission of the UN headed by antisemitic Navi Pillay and her 3 assistants; their goal, “an open-ended war crimes probe against Israel”. Moreover, we must use this ‘inquiry request’ to our advantage and submit responses supporting Israel which we can post on social media.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION (links to articles at the bottom provide more information)

Professor Ann Bayefsky, Director of the Touro Institute on Human Rights and the Holocaust, who is a watchdog at the United Nations, describes this latest UN initiative as "Pillay's Pogrom: A call to action by this UN ‘inquiry commission’ to devastate the Jewish state” and the "most hostile and dangerous anti-Israel body the U.N. has ever created."


Add to your letter: This submission, in itself, should not be understood as endorsing the Inquiry or its mandate.


Be sure to start your submission by referring to one or more of the five italicized topics listed in the U.N.’s formal “Call for Submissions,” so they have no excuse to rule your work “outside the mandate.” (see topics below)

Make your case in reasoned terms, with sources as appropriate.

Any length will do. Even a single page.

The work need not be new. An existing or pre-published work can be submitted as long as it is introduced as clearly connected to one or more of the five italicized topics listed and why.

Provide a brief statement as to who you are (eg retired or a teacher or office manager).

Don’t rely on the U.N.’s assurances about privacy or assume confidentiality. Write what you would be fine with putting out into the world. And there’s a lot we want to put out into the world.


  1. Follow the SAMPLE in setting up your letter. Write and save in a word document.

  2. Check for grammar and punctuation, be polite (don’t make angry comments).

  3. Use some of your own wording where possible.

  4. Write other submissions on different ‘issues’ - encourage others to write.

  5. Copy and paste into an email – send to email addresses below…


Below are the 5 issues set out by the commission with our writing points below--choose one issue and keep in mind the purpose. State clearly that Israel has a right to protect itself, that Israel does not engage in war crimes. The writing points are suggestions that you can consider for your submission under each topic. Choose some and write with your own ideas.

WRITING POINTS FOR EACH OF THE ‘ISSUES’ (issues are numbered italicized paragraphs):

1. Underlying root causes of recurrent tensions, instability and protraction of conflict in and between the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem, and Israel; as well as systematic discrimination and repression based on national, ethnic, racial or religious identity;

  • The root cause of recurring tensions in Israel is the Arab refusal to accept Israel as a Jewish State and Arab refusal to make peace and the continued attacks on Israeli civilians throughout Israel and sophisticated attacks on Israel by Hamas from Gaza.

  • Israel has a right to defend itself. In the 11 day war in May, over 4,300 missiles were launched toward Israeli civilians in cities and towns by Hamas and Islamic Jihad…(make this point strongly).

  • Hamas launched this war.

  • Israel has never started a war, except to pre-empt 5 armies on its borders in 1967

  • Israel avoids harming civilians when retaliating using cutting edge technology

  • Jerusalem is the united, eternal capital of the Jewish people

  • There is no systemic racism in Israel: people of all ethnicities including Arabs serve in government and in all professions and occupations. Arabs are in the Knesset and are judges, diplomats, soldiers.

  • All religions are represented in Israel – mosques and churches throughout Israel.

  • Muslims and Christians and others walk freely in the cities and parks and beaches.

  • The West bank is disputed territory and not occupied – it is not illegally occupied

  • Jews in Israel from many backgrounds - 51% of Jews in Israel were forced to leave their homes in Arab countries – terrorized to leave after centuries and lost everything

2. Facts and circumstances regarding alleged violations of international humanitarian law and alleged violations and abuses of international human rights law leading up to and since 13 April 2021;

  • The Arab population has been incited to kill Jews for many years. In 1929, the Grand Mufti incited the Arab population in Hebron to massacre their Jewish neighbors. More recently, the Arab population from the West Bank were encouraged by Arafat and the PA, to become suicide bombers and attack Jews such as the Sbarro Pizza Restaurant or School Buses with children. Today many Jews have been stabbed to death or their cars stoned while driving resulting in death or car-ramming by Arabs. These are violations of humanitarian law.

  • The PA (UNRWA) teaches their Arab students to hate Jews as in text books – and terrorism as in the summer camps and to kill Jews - well documented. The PA provides or approves all texts used by UNRWA teachers and these and teacher manuals promote murder and martyrdom, not peace, in contravention of UN ethics.

  • The PA pays Arab civilians to kill Jews – pa-for-slay.

  • On the Temple Mount, Arabs are paid to stockpile stones to throw at Jews worshipping below.

  • The PA wants a Palestinian State free of Jews and does not allow selling land to Jews (tortures or kills Arabs who sell land to Jews).

  • Both the PA and Hamas steal, medicines and money donated to their people.

  • Hamas uses children and women as human shields.

  • Hamas targets Israeli civilians and its sole purpose as stated in its charter is the elimination of Israel.

  • Hamas instigated every war with Israel, uses resources for terror tunnels instead of schools, hospitals, colleges, and civic needs.

  • These are all violations of International Humanitarian and Human Rights Law

3. Identification of those responsible

  • Many organizations including Hamas, Fatah, the BDS movement and many NGOs are responsible for the lack of peace and promoting violence against Israel,

  • These are some who are responsible for fomenting war, terrorism, antisemitism, civil rights abuses, and countering peace prospects: PA President Mahmoud Abbas, Minister of Palestinian Economic Council Mohammad Ibrahim Shtayyeh, Ismail Haniyeh senior political leader of Hamas, Khaled Mashal Political Chief of Hamas and very wealthy tycoon, Palestinian officials.

  • Qatar is a key supporter and funder of Hamas and the PA; the EU, Turkey, Iran, and other countries support the PA, Hamas and terrorism against Israel, many NGOs throughout the world including Canada which submitted many anti-Israel, antisemitic NGOs to Durban, engage in systemic antisemitism, or incitement to violence or terror

  • Journalists who meet in Israel at the American Colony Hotel and attend events set up by Hamas or the PA to write denunciation articles of Israel in news media, members of NGOs promote violence and terror, and the rejection of a Jewish state.

  • Students for Justice in Palestine, the International Solidarity Movement, MAC (Muslim Association of Canada), Independent Jewish Voices, HRW (Human Rights Watch) organizers and members of groups using Israel as a cover for antisemitism;, religious and racial intolerance.

  • Reuters, Associated Press, and other media who champion Palestinian Refugees

  • Social Media, antisemitic and anti-Israel groups play a dominant role as the promoters of antisemitic hate in traditional and social media

  • UNRWA educators teach hate. EU are supporters and funders of ‘pay-to-slay’; inciters of terrorism promote violence; parents send their children into harm’s way;

4. Recommendations on accountability measures, with a view to avoiding and ending impunity and ensuring legal accountability, including individual criminal and command responsibility;

  • The UN Human Rights Council should be reconstituted to include only members who value human rights, operate democratically and live by the code of ethics the UN has approved.

  • They should eliminate the accusations against members of society who are responsible for self-defense, that is the IDF, who are protecting the Israeli people.

  • The Commission of Inquiry must include an examination of the treachery and inhuman, unlawful behavior and lies and distortions of the PA and Hamas.

  • The perpetrators of the conflicts, namely Hamas and the PA should be brought to justice, there should be accountability for their terrorism, murder and their unwillingness to accept Israel as a Jewish State, their unwillingness to promote peace.

  • The educational system in Palestinian controlled territories must be overhauled to eliminate the teaching of violence and Jew hatred completely and to teach the truth.

  • Funding for UNRWA and this Commission should be withheld until it can be shown that antisemitism and anti-Zionism have been removed.

  • Investigate why the discriminatory U.N. apparatus does not and will not promote accountability in this conflict.

  • The various PA and Hamas leaders who foment war should be held legally accountable for their criminal activities.

5. Recommendations on measures to be taken by third States to ensure respect for international humanitarian law in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem.

  • Recommendations for measures by third states to terminate legitimization and financing of Palestinian terrorist organizations and their NGO enablers and accomplices by European Union NGOs. They should not be allowed to send funds to support terrorist training in Gaza

  • A recommendation to educate the truth that there is no Occupied Palestinian Territory as clearly defined by the UN itself in granting the Jews their homeland in 1947; it has been referred to as disputed territory although, legally in UN archives, Judea and Samaria belong to Israel.

  • Educate that Jordan illegally occupied Judea, Samaria and part of Jerusalem for 19 years after an offensive war in 1948, which should be acknowledged. Israel liberated this land in a defensive war (by pre-empting the war) in 1967 when 5 armies were lined up on her borders to destroy her. Israel has the legal right to annex all of Judea, Samaria and the contested parts Jerusalem today according to many legal scholars.

  • Educate that Israel is not an occupier and has not driven any Arabs out of the country or oppressed the Palestinian people as Israel haters state. This is proven by the very large growth in Palestinian numbers. If they were being persecuted their numbers would surely have diminished.

  • Recommend that it be understood that Jerusalem is one city, never to be divided again. Teach that Jerusalem held no significance for Arabs until 1967.

  • Third states should understand that BDS is pure antisemitism and should be illegal and should not be endorsed or supported by any third country.

  • There are measures third states can take, as funders and supporters of the United Nations, to rebuff disrespect for international humanitarian law at the UN.


Send your submission to both:

  1. The UN Secretariat at copy and paste into the ‘To’ of your email.

  2. Upload to this website

Click on the upload link then it will ask you to upload your saved document.

You will not see identifying information to confirm you are at the UNHRC portal, nor will you receive confirmation of its receipt.

Send a copy to CAEF Send a copy to Anne Bayefsky

It would also help if you could send a copy of your submission with a letter of explanation to:

Send a letter to His Excellency the Secretary-General Antonio Guterres

Send a letter to the Prime Minister or Head of your country; For Canada, write Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Send a letter to your federal MP or your representative to your government.

Send a letter to the Honorable Irwin Cotler, Canada’s Special Envoy on Holocaust Remembrance and Combatting Antisemitism,

Put your letter up on Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok


Anne Bayefsky, The Newest Anti-Israel UN Action Must Be Challenged – Now – it is long but worth the read.

Phyllis Chesler who states her views about the Inquiry Commission.


The Endowment for Middel East Truth (EMET), features Anne Bayefsky, The UN's Newest Assault on Israel (and How to Fight Back!)


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