Thanks for joining us in this important rally for Jewish rights, not only in Israel but here in Canada, as well.

Lies against Israel -- the most moral, humane and democratic country in the Middle East -- have conflated with Jew hatred, infecting our campuses and currently gaining both public and private support aided by an anti-Israel media.

We encourage you to continue to rally after today’s gathering, by reading the facts below, sharing this fact sheet with your friends, and sending a letter to your MP. To find the name and email of your MP, go to

Here are some key facts-truths you may not read in the mainstream media:

  • Arabs set fire atop the Temple Mount and then blame the Jews.

  • Arabs shoot at teenage Jewish boys, killing one and maiming one, and then wonder why Jews are retaliating!

  • Arabs declare war against Israel during Ramadan and expect Israel to do nothing!

  • Arabs shoot a barrage of rockets against Tel Aviv and southern Israel, and then cry to the world when the IDF bombs their arsenal!

  • Arabs attack Jews night after night during Ramadan and are met with hostile response but claim victimhood!

  • PA President Abbas calls for the killing of Jews in nightly speeches and expects global community to blame Jews for violence!

  • PA Educational system is teaching kids hatred, incitement, and rewards for killing Jews—Canada must stop funding hatred!

  • Hamas is a listed terrorist organization that must be destroyed—it hurts both Arab and Jewish Israelis!

  • The PA President again postpones elections and then blames Israel!

  • PA President has little support among Palestinian Arabs so he cancels elections that he knows he would lose!

  • PA President has held power for 15 years with no elections—the hallmark of a dictator!

  • Palestinian Arabs celebrate the death of Jews after Mt. Meron tragedy!

  • Jordan illegally occupied Israeli territory for 19 years; Israel liberated it in 1967!

  • Palestinian Arabs living in stolen homes in Sheik Jarrah/Shimon Hatzedik neighbourhood are required by the courts to pay rent or to vacate. The proposed eviction is a legal step available to anyone in a law-abiding country!

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For your letters to your M.P., include as much of the information below as you choose, but try to keep your letter brief. We suggest you use one point from each section below.

Facts with a Canadian connection

  • Demand that Canada as a free, democratic country support its ally, Israel, which is also a democratic country but under siege.

  • Demand the Government defend Israel’s right to protect itself from attacks that threaten the lives of civilians and defend it from lies spread by media and Jew haters.

  • Note that the increasing attacks and vilification of Israel is the latest most vile form or antisemitism which is also spreading across Canada and threatens our free and democratic country. Attacks against Jews are increasing in Britain and France and we fear this may threaten the lives of Jews here too.

  • Canada has always recognised the legality of Israel’s existence, yet the current attacks are intended to destroy the country under Islamist claims it is not a legitimate entity and that Jews don’t belong in the Middle East. Canada must denounce this ideology immediately and forcefully.

Facts about the Evictions of Illegal Residents in Jerusalem

  • Sheik Jarrah incorporates the former Jewish neighborhood of Shimon Hatzadik. For decades, the illegal Arab occupants, who gained access to these homes when the illegal occupying state of Jordan held the land and evicted all Jews from 1949-1967, have been asked repeatedly to pay rent to the legal owners of the properties they inhabit. Their disputes and claims have been heard in independent Israeli court.

  • Property disputes concerning these former Jewish homes of Shiekh Hatzadik have been in Israeli courts since 1972 and the final decision of the court was that these are the property of the Jewish owners and the court was to decide on next steps at a hearing originally scheduled for May 10th, then postponed to the end of this month. In some cases compensation has been offered to the Arab renters. They had an opportunity to pay rent to the legal owners or to move to a new residence with monetary aid.

  • Unlawful Jewish evictions in Shiekh Jarrah took place in the former Jewish neighborhood of Shimon Hatzadik when Jordan ethnically cleansed all of the Judea, Samaria and east Jerusalem, the Old City of Jews after several Arab states attacked Israel in 1949. An Ottoman census in 1905 had found 97 Jewish families living in the area in homes they owned. All were expelled once Jordan took control.

  • The newly designated Arab state of Jordan evicted Jews from their homes in the area surrounded the Tomb of Simeon. The Jews had lived there legally and peacefully having purchased the land in 1875 from the ruling Ottomans. After these evictions, Jordan subsequently leased the Jewish homes to Arabs.

  • In the past, Jews were not only expelled from Shimon Hatzadik but from all Arab Muslim countries in which they had shared life with Arabs for over 2000 years. Note the brutal, barbaric Farhud in Iraq in which Jews were murdered and harassed and after which most left that country.

  • Over 800,000 Jews from Muslim lands were deprived of their assets, made to leave penniless and even had their citizenship revoked, many were killed and all were exiled and yet never claimed refugee status.

  • The current Arab residents have had their cases heard in the courts, as they would have had in any democratic country with real estate and property laws. The former evicted Jews had no such offers nor did their cases command any international condemnation or intervention. But the two are not equivalent. Canada has laws that allow for eviction of non paying tenants and of illegal squatters. This is hardly the stuff of an international dispute yet the media, the pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel organizations along with Islamist radicals have managed to turn it into one.

  • Israeli courts hear cases from Jews, Muslims and Christians all the time. The Palestinian Arab courts jail Arabs for promoting peaceful negotiations with Jews and might even give a death penalty on an Arab who sells land to a Jew.

Facts about the Al Aqsa Mosque

  • The mosque sits on a site sacred to Muslims and Jews, the Temple Mount or Al Sharif. The Waqf is the religious trust that holds property deeds and sovereign management rights to the shrines of Islam.

  • “For centuries, the rights of Jews to pray at the Wailing Wall were alternately granted, impeded, or otherwise regulated by Ottoman authorities in accordance with the Jews’ dhimmi status as a subordinated people with a subordinated religion.” Quote from The Farhud by E. Black

  • Before Israel liberated Jerusalem including the Temple Mount where both Al Aqsa mosque and the Dome of the Rock are located, it was administered by the Waqf and Israel reaffirmed and accepted this arrangement in 1994 with hope that this trust and respect would be returned with peace. The Jews maintained security of the site.

  • Under Ottoman rule the al-Aqsa mosque had come into disrepair. The Grand Mufti Husseini, launched a state-wide project to launch Islamic projects including the restoration of the al-Aqsa Mosque, a venture that brought him global Islamic prestige. With his subsequent power and financial backing he promoted the pan-Arab, anti-Jewish cause. His alliance with Nazi Germany allowed Nazi anti-Jewish propaganda and race ideology to flow freely into Muslim lands. He committed himself to a Jew-free “Judenrein” Palestine.

General and Historical Statements

  • Jews were expelled from Arab countries. The Arabs claimed refugee status, and continue to take donor funds many decades after the states of Israel, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq came into existence. Th