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Racism - Thy home is the United Nations | CAEF Bulletin Sept 24, 2021

CAEF Thanks to the Countries & Leaders Which Boycotted Durban IV

From Sept 8th to 22nd, with resources from CAEF, End Jew Hatred Canada ran a digital campaign calling for the UN to cancel the infamous Durban IV conference, which it was well known would reaffirm the antisemitic Durban Declaration and Programme for Action confirmed at the first Durban Conference in 2001. Twenty years later, and three subsequent conferences, and many state members of the United Nations are still bellicose with lies about Israel. The CAEF/End Jew Hatred campaign on Facebook and Instagram featured images with clear messages which can be seen on our website.

Some examples of the antisemitic diatribe at the UN. Syria has the gall to claim that Israel interferes with the education of Syrians in the “occupied Golan Heights.” Sickening really, as Syria does not own the Golan and is itself guilty of mass murder of Syrians, of atrocious treatment of civilians and is run by a tyrannical dictator. Palestinian Authority Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki said, the Palestinians suffer from “one of the most pervasive forms of colonialism and apartheid colonialism.” Of course what the “Palestinian Arabs suffer from is the tyranny, injustice, corruption, betrayal, bigotry and humiliation laid on them by the PA itself.

Below is the image we posted on September 22 to summarize the outcome of our campaign and that of several major international NGOs which supported Israel’s call to Western countries to stay at home.

In the end 37 countries either boycotted or failed to show up at the UN event. They are listed below in the chart prepared by the International legal Forum, one of several global NGOs that took up the mantel and ran campaigns calling for the members to stop Durban IV. Special thanks to UN Watch, Human Rights Voices and the International Legal Forum for their leadership. (Disappointingly, Canadian Jewish organizations remained quiet, having been satisfied with the achievement of securing Canada’s withdrawal from the latest Durban conference.)

We send our appreciation to these 37 nations that stood apart from the horde of ill-wishers and Jew-haters. We ask: Why did the rest of Europe’s democracies, the Asian, African, South and Central American countries that have received aid from Israel, and friends like India, Morocco, UAE, Bahrain, Sudan, Egypt and Jordan, not stay home? How did they vote on the antisemitic recapitulated declaration? Why do they display such duplicity when they all benefit from Israel, then betray her?


When Were the “Palestinian People” Invented?

This title should not surprise anyone because the idea that Arabs in Israel are a national Palestinian people is an idea that was initiated only in 1967 by then PLO leader, Yassar Arafat, an Egyptian, who became the President of an invented people. A letter from reader George Zilbergeld from New Jersey, urged that I share the answer with readers.

“The ‘Palestinian People’ were invented by the Propaganda Office of the Soviet Union in order to change the image of the people who opposed Israel’s existence from what they were-Muslim terrorists to refugees needing a home.”

These facts are not what is taught about the founding of Israel, the Arab-Israeli wars, the rights of Jews to the land, or the “narrative” of Palestinians. The Palestinian Liberation Organization was established in 1964 and the Palestinian Arabs as a people emerged as an idea in 1967.

Here is a very informative article on this “invention” which is a must read by Alan Meyer published in The Blogs in The Times of Israel, August 9, 2019. Meyer, an educator, covers an historical perspective with some interesting facts such as this:

“In 1996, even that bastion which proclaims itself as the leader in the “struggle” for the Palestinian “people”, Hamas, said this, “Islamic and traditional views reject the notion of establishing an independent Palestinian state … In the past, there was no independent Palestinian state. … [Hence] our main goal is to establish a great Islamic state, be it pan-Arabic or pan-Islamic… This…land…is not the property of the Palestinians…. This land is the property of all Muslims in all parts of the world.” (senior Hamas leader Mahmud Zahar, 1996)

Another regular reader, C.F. from Massachusetts, sent this story that depicts a personal proof of the invention of the Palestinian people:

“My husband MIA/POW in WWII was in Stalag 11b in Germany where he met 3 men in the British compound talking Hebrew. He asked, as he traded cigarettes for bread to feed his starving buddies in the USA compound, and they told him that they had volunteered from Samaria, Holy Land with the British, were captured in Tabruk by the Germans in 1941, and in Stalg 11b until he met them in June 1944.


There never were Arab Palestinians. The Romans called the country Syria Palaestina (sic) and the people of the country, Palaestinans, (sic) and they were then Jewish, and still are. The Arabs and the media framed the lie and the hatred flames.”


Will the Two State Solution Bring Peace?

It is a fallacy to think that the goal of Hamas or the Palestinian Authority or any of the myriad jihadist entities that make up the PA, are interested in two states for two peoples, or that the BDS movement is a resistance movement, seeking to liberate the “Palestinians” from an occupation. All of these words invert truth: there is no occupation, the BDS movement is anything but a peace movement, the goal is not two states but one Muslim Arab state to be achieved by destroying Israel. This is best conveyed, (and therefore should be believed) by the cofounder of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement, Omar Barghouti. In only 11 seconds he shuts down any notion that BDS is about peace; it is the Bigotry, Deception and Slander movement.

NO Jewish state of any size is acceptable to the Palestinians.


Myths are Not Facts – How Did We Get to Believe the Myths?

CAEF can’t give an easy and clear answer on how the public, Jews included, have come to accept lies and distortions, narratives and fantasies as facts. But to relay the story of the myth- making, an article by Torontonian Julian Zuckerbrot in the September 15,2021 The Blogs in the Times of Israel, tells it well. Here is an example of the pillage on history committed by the Arabs, explaining the only ethnic cleansing.

“The city (Jerusalem) had been neglected for centuries under the Ottoman Turks, and, after they surrendered their empire to the First World War allies, under the period of British administration that lasted until 1948. From that year until 1967 the Jordanians occupied part of Jerusalem, as well as the area they named the West Bank, the first time in hundreds of years that bit of real estate had been under Arab rule, but an arrangement recognized by only two other countries. During the 19 years of Jordanian control, the Old City of Jerusalem and surrounding neighbourhoods were, in fact, “de-Judaized”, their Jewish population exiled and ancient synagogues and cemeteries destroyed.” Read full article here.

Another myth-buster—where is apartheid actually practiced? Not in Israel as we see ever greater integration of Muslim Arabs in all walks of life. Islamists are in the Knesset and a Muslim woman becomes a Major in the IDF. Ella Waweya has served in the IDF for 9 years and been an outstanding soldier, a proud Israeli, a defender of all the people of Israel. Read here.

A Message for Two Myth-Makers


View End Jew Hatred Canada Videos

The Rally with Allies to End Jew Hatred, held in July, introduced many excellent local speakers from many walks of life, and we celebrate their contribution to Standing with Jews against Hatred. These are now grouped, so choose to watch rabbis, politicians, young voices, non-Jewish allies, or diplomats. We thank them all!


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