Readers’ Responsibilities-Take Action | CAEF Bulletin May 21, 2021


With every attack from Gaza, Israel responds and that is what should be, but with every response, the reverberation is felt world-wide in Jewish communities and even where no Jews exist. The pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel crowd is increasing, rowdy, angry, and sometimes destructive. They have attacked Jews in Montreal and Toronto and in Europe. We must be strong, determined and committed, but also extremely cautious. Below are the words from Shmuel Sackett , of an American NGO, Am Yisrael Chai, and CAEF agrees that as things escalate in the conflict, there will be more Jew hatred in the diaspora. Let us hope that with peace in mind, Israel routs Hamas and is able to end this decades old war against the Jewish nation.

CAEF and the team at End Jew Hatred monitored many very troubling incidents and has been in frequent contact with police in Toronto and Peel Region. Attacks on individuals took place at the Toronto pro-Palestinian rally which was little more than a hate fest against Israel that deteriorated into intimidating and attacking the Jews who were present to counter protest or just observe. The peaceful pro-Israel rally in Montreal also ended with threats, harassment and the chasing of Jewish through city streets. Folks in Ottawa also reported verbal abuse and threats during their pro-Israel rally. Physical attacks, property vandalism have been reported in several Ontario cities. Let us not be blind to what is happening, but ever vigilant, aware, thoughtful and cautious but NOT remove our Jewish symbols, lower our pride or deny our rights.

The Center for Israel and Jewish Affairs has posted information we can all utilize: Take Action


In an article entitled, World Continues to Support Israel’s Efforts to Quell Hamas Terrorism as UNSC Convenes on Sunday, by David Israel, published in on May 16, 2021, the following recitation of countries that support Israel was specifically included. Let us give thanks to those brave and honest politicians that are not hiding behind the skirt of some leftist/liberal ideology that calls for the sanctioning of Israel, wrongly equates the defense of innocents with the terrorism of the guilty and looks to the body count to decide which side to support. Sadly the count is growing and is terrible on both sides and while our Torah teaches us not to celebrate the death or downfall of our enemies, at least we can cheer on the courageous and devoted IDF, the world’s most compassionate military and thank them for their duty and love of country and people.


Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz ordered to fly Israel’s flag on the Chancellor’s building in Vienna as a sign of solidarity with Israel. Kurz tweeted: “Today the Israeli flag was hoisted on the roof of the Federal Chancellery as a sign of solidarity with Israel. The terrorist attacks on Israel are to be condemned in the strongest language! Together we stand by Israel’s side.”

Czech President Miloš Zeman said during the Gaza clashes that his heart was with the State of Israel, and tweeted a picture of his country’s flag alongside the Israeli flag and a heart emoji.

On Friday, the Israeli flag was hoisted on the Slovenian government building, and the government issued a statement in which it clarified that it identifies with Israel and condemns the terrorist attacks on it.

Foreign Minister Peter Cierto wrote on Facebook: “Hungary condemns the missile attack on Israeli cities carried out by Palestinian terrorist organizations. We express solidarity with Israel and support its right to self-defense.

Poland’s Ambassador to Israel Marek Magierowski tweeted last Wednesday in Hebrew: “I strongly condemn Hamas’ attacks on Israeli civilians. The use of terrorism is a dead end.

Japan’s Deputy Defense Minister Yoshihide Nakayama tweeted last week: “What would you have done? One day, more than 300 missiles were suddenly launched by terrorists within 24 hours, robbing lives and destroying homes. Israel has the right to defend itself against the terrorists.

President Biden has indicated support for a ceasefire but also support for Israel’s right to defend itself, so not asking Netanyuhu to cease its defense of Israel or sue for peace. In addition, the US has three times blocked the UN Security Council from voting on a resolution to condemn Israel’s military response to the attacks from Gaza.

And while Marc Garneau, Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs released a statement that rightly stated: “Canada supports Israel's right to live in peace with its neighbours within secure boundaries and recognizes Israel's right to assure its own security,” he mistakenly linked the decision of the Israeli supreme court in a landlord/tenant dispute in Shimon Hatzedik, (known as Sheik Jarrah by the Palestinian Arabs), with the terrorism coming from Gaza and the local political unrest generated by the Palestinian Authority.

Garneau’s statement included: “Canada remains gravely concerned by the continued expansion of settlements, and by the demolitions and evictions, including the ongoing cases in Sheikh Jarrah and Silwan.”

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