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Richard Landes addresses Lethal Journalism, Antisemitism & Global Jihad in this CAEF Webinar - Watch

In case you missed it or want to watch it again, here is the recording from our recent Web talk with Dr. Richard Landes. Save it, share it, and tell others to learn from it. It is no small matter that lies about Israel are accepted and repeated, embedded in our media, exploited, enlarged, enabled by the very media that should deliver objective news, and seek truth.


CAEF Web Talk Series continues, May 11th with Dr. Charles Small, Normalizing Antisemitism, and What To Do About It.


CAEF is Signatory to the Academic Engagement Networks Statement to the AAA

Along with 80 other organizations, the Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation signed the Statement on the American Anthropological Association Resolution to Boycott Israeli Academic Institutions, prepared by the Academic Engagement Network. This boycott motion, like all BDS (boycott, divestment, and sanction) resolutions undermines freedom of speech and the development of knowledge, and literally punishes people, by association, harming academics and the very notion of freedom within the academy.

The free exchange of ideas is sacred amongst true academics and researchers worldwide, but the forces opposed to Israel's very existence are constantly and creatively seeking ways to undermine her. In the case of the proposed motion, being put before the membership of AAA, to boycott Israeli academic institutions, it is blatantly discriminatory, and contrary to any concept of building peace, goodwill, civil discourse, shared knowledge. Nor does it exhibit any understanding of the Israeli-Palestinian Arab conflict, nor of the vast amount of sharing that actually takes place between Arabs and Jews in Israeli society, where all have equal rights. Read the full statement here.


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