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Rosh Hashonah Greeting from CAEF

The Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation has had a busy year, not the busy we want, busy because antisemites keep attacking Jews and Israel. Jew haters are very active in promoting lies about Israel, demonizing the country, and by association they often press a message of straight up Jew hatred. CAEF responded!

We have provided numerous expert webinars, an informative weekly Bulletin, facts-based postings on social media, exposing the antisemites. We have registered complaints with senior levels of government, school boards, and media, and collaborated with other community organizations. Through volunteer legal services, we initiated several Freedom of Information requests, filed complaints against educators whose anti-Israel ideology poisons the classroom, initiated a federal petition calling for a public inquiry into the racist/antisemitic postings of a self styled anti-racism trainer, and in partnership with other NGOs, have led Hineni, a research project into antisemitism in social work and social service worker education.

CAEF has three new projects this fall, working collaboratively with other organizations: Rise Up Ottawa will bring the community together to learn how to bring legal action against educators and boards of education that promote or "tolerate" antisemitism, and will bring Jews together to build Jewish pride. Our partnership called REACH, with Doctors Against Racism and Antisemitism and Fighting Online Antisemitism, will bring Israeli trainers to an online program to teach volunteers how to monitor hatred and antisemitism on social media and how to report it. Our Chinuch project is developing lesson plans for classroom teachers in all public schools to address antisemitism and antiZionism.

We will continue to deliver powerful webinars, inform our communities across the country and beyond of issues, while also helping to build strong advocates to End Jew Hatred.


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