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Ruth Abrams letter to CBC News Re: Complaint about CBC News

Dear Brodie Fenlon,

Thank you for the courtesy of your response. I have not observed Isis or Nazis styled as “militants”.This morning’s CBC’s 8am newscast declared Veltmann a terrorist for having killed a Muslim family.

Right now, I would like to point out something that was deeply painful for me to watch on CBC News.

I believe CBC reporting on the pro-Hamas demonstrations gave a platform to Hamas’ ideals of malignant terrorism and outrageous lies. If the demonstrators harbour sympathy for this holocaust, in which, incidentally, 20 Arab Israelis were mercilessly murdered, what kind of Canadian citizens are they, themselves?

Not confronting the interviewed demonstrators with certain facts, permitted the demonization of Israel and world Jewry, and this, done right after the holocaust of October 7. Those pro-Hamas demonstrators who were interviewed were allowed to freely extol Hamas as avengers for 75 years of Israeli oppression without any incisive questioning, or bringing up facts for discussion, such as:

  1. Hamas has occupied Gaza since 2006. There is no freedom of the press. No elections. Missile batteries are implanted with civilians in their homes. If Hamas sends rockets out to Israel what should be a rational response?

  2. More to the point, Israel has not occupied Gaza since 2005. And Hamas refuses to negotiate, period. If the tables were reversed, what would happen? Would Hamas supply Jews with water, electricity, work permits, hospital care and peace activists like hostage Vivian Silver who maintained a charity fund for Gazans.

  3. An even more important question to have brought up––Hamas’ charter openly claims their goal and purpose is Genocide of Israel and world Jewry. Who is the enemy of humanity here?

  4. Millions and millions of UN dollars have been poured into Hamas and the Palestinian Authority, ending up in villas in Switzerland and the underground tunnels of Gaza where Hamas keeps safe and well supplied with whatever provisions they need, while they foment hitlerian plans on how to turn the world against Jews.

I hope that you will address these issues promptly in this terrible time.


Ruth Abrams,

65 Spring Garden Ave.,

North York M2N6H9

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